Mac help and articles on older topics

Here is a listing of older articles about Mac and related matters, arranged by topic. Newer (El Capitan and Sierra) articles are detailed here.

Writing your own content-blocker for Safari 9 in El Capitan

1 – The basics
2 – Details
3 – But… Apple has changed the Safari developer scheme
4 – write, test, debug… (even in Yosemite)
5 – you’re on your own now, concluding hints and tips

 𝖶𝖠𝖳𝖢𝖧 (Apple Watch)

How the  𝖶𝖠𝖳𝖢𝖧 measures your heart rate
Expecting tips and florid gestures: tips for people-watching (tongue-in-cheek humour)
Watch power problem
Apple Watch power consumption
Watch software 1.0.1 – how to install the update
Watch: You’re not dead after all – is the heart rate monitor usable?
Apple needs a Chief Function Officer, not a Chief Design Officer – more about Watch limitations
Clothes at last: watchOS 2 unveiled
Security fixes in watchOS 2.0
Getting watchOS 2.0 to install
Apple Watch on borrowed time
Lost time: what to do when your Apple watch plays dead
Health, medical devices, and Apple

IoT and Smart device security

The need for standard IoT security testing
Smart and secure: choosing IoT devices which shouldn’t compromise your home 1 – principles
Smart and secure: choosing IoT devices which shouldn’t compromise your home 2 – operating systems and updates
Smart and secure: choosing IoT devices which shouldn’t compromise your home 3 – local and remote communications
Smart and secure: choosing IoT devices which shouldn’t compromise your home 4 – servers and apps
Smart and secure: choosing IoT devices which shouldn’t compromise your home 5 – smart universes surveyed
So would I buy or recommend a Nest or other smart device?
Five Catch-22s for IoT security
How CCTV cameras tried to break a large cloud service
IoT: not the cosy Nest that you expected
MouseJack, Mac, and lessons
Sweet talk and salutory reminders – how long will that service be supported for?

Servers with a smile – Apple’s server systems

1 – A/UX, 1988-1992
Apple, success, corporate market: words rarely seen in the same sentence

Going viral

Fame or doom – introduction to virality, its prediction and control
Observing events – what has been observed of intensely viral events
Making models – network, sigmoidal curve, and other models
If Twitter still seems all @#. to you… – a guide for beginners and experts alike

-14 – the things we did on Macs nearly 15 years ago, sheer nostalgia

Establishing a dial-up connection to your ISP
Maintaining Your Desktop
Manually Installing Part of Mac OS or an Extension
Installing Mac OS 9.1
An Application Tells Me That There Isn’t Enough Memory, what we did in Mac OS 8
The Genius of Mac: ResEdit and resources
RIP Demon: the Tenner a Month is finally spent

Q&A – hardware-related

Broken promise – a problem with a Promise Thunderbolt external RAID system
Yosemite printer support
Accessing your security cameras from a Mac
Spyder versus RAID – a clash of kernel extensions
How big for backups? – how big should a Time Machine backup drive be?
Dead Mac recovery – recovering files from a dead Mac
Frozen DVD – why does this DVD not play, but freeze?
Opaque optical drive – an optical drive stops working
Keyboard outage – when a keyboard dies after a power outage
Accessing Iomega Zip drives
Flashing Power light when starting an old Mac Pro up
FireWire, eSATA, or what?
Encrypt and destroy – problems with an encrypted USB memory stick
USB drawing too much power
The limits of memory – how much memory can you install in a Mac?
Wobbly drive – the importance of hard disks remaining stable
Breaking RAID
Dropping Internet connection and LCP
Router user name – what do you use when a router asks for your user name?
Fitting a pint drive into a quart Mac Pro – 2.5″ drive in Mac Pro
Wayback Mac LC 475 – getting a classic Mac working again
Dirty iMac – cleaning the display
iMac on the blink – is the graphics card dying?
FireWire draining power
Optimising additional memory
Restoring firmware after interrupted firmware update
Leaping mouse
No Delete key
Dead shared photo drive
How much free space on a hard disk?
Add memory, get panics
Replacing an ‘Angle-poise’ iMac
Disposing of a dead hard drive
Target optical drives
Using a 27″ iMac display
Dusting down – cleaning a dusty Mac
CD-R burn errors
Wild Trackpad – when your pointer goes crazy
Which workgroup file server?
Have I got a firewall?
Relocating to the country – broadband for the virtual office
Broken Boot Camp drive
Down the hub – sleep, USB hubs, and reconnection
All in a day? – why does it take a day to transfer files over a local network?
Hot Macs – keeping your computers cool
Self-drive – self-ejecting USB external drives
Thunderbolt for video capture
Flash failing memory? – can Flash break memory?
Connecting an old LCD display
New Broadband, no connection
Removable storage still in use
Replacing a MacBook hard drive
Drifting time – NTP problems
Mac CPU upgrades
Accessing the hard drive in a broken iMac
Can I trust modern external hard drives?
Lights on, no disk mounting
Either port in a storm – getting the most out of two Ethernet ports
Sharing USB printer
Coping with ADC on a Cinema Display
Remote control over the optical drive
Noisy conversion from cassette tape
How to stop USB memory stick use
Bitmap error and a doomed disk?
What to do with drives from an old Mac Pro
Stuck CD
Vanishing printer
Mixing audio inputs
Off-colour iMac display
Projection connection
Splendid isolation – can a Mac run without an Internet connection?
Finding a break in an Ethernet cable
Apple’s first laptop
Quiet in class – silencing Macs
Dead battery – how to stop a MacBook battery from dying
mini-CDs in slot-loading optical drives
Replacement logic board
Retina iMac
Drive failed to wake from sleep
Graphics problem after repair
Speaker buzz from audio interface
Scanning slides
Adobe CC on the road – choosing a refurb Mac for mobile use of Adobe CC
Who makes an iMac’s components?
Testing a Mac Pro
Mac mini as file server
Failed new hard disk?
Connecting wireless peripherals
Is this the right UPS?
Getting an old Canon Pixma printer to work
USB 2/3 autoconfigure confusion
New router freezes my old Mac
Faster memory upgrade?
Replacement router for BT Infinity
MiFi keeps dumping a Mac
Adjusting gamma for better projection display – dealing with pale output from a video projector
Swollen battery – in a MacBook
Extending WiFi range
Cable clutter
Printer picky on ports – a MacBook Pro which does strange things when a printer is connected to one USB port
Noisy fans in an iMac
Changing Time Capsules
Mac mini Server RAID
Converting Mini DisplayPort output
Print heads dead
Disadvantages of a MacBook Pro
Scanning photographic slides using a slide copier
Still needing a PowerPC
At the speed of a Thunderbolt – which is the fastest of them all?
Disk not ejected properly
A hot iMac
Dead optical drive
Xbox to iMac display
That hard disk is no more – it has joined the Norwegian Blue Parrot
Can I Skype?
Can I burn a CD-RW disk as an audio CD?
No manuals, and a worrying optical drive
Greyed out external drive – in Disk Utility
Buying a pair of hard drives
MacBook Pro display defects
Injured iPad
Bluetooth headphones
Replacing an Xserve
Starting beeps
Flying cursors
Deepest sleep – when sleep becomes shutdown
Connecting an iMac to HD TV
Adding WiFi to an old Mac Pro
I’d love the definition of a Retina display, but isn’t it slow?

Q&A – software

Why does (did) my update to Yosemite appear to hang?
Words of old – opening old Word documents
Why is my preference file corrupt?
How can I improve the PageRank of my website to get more visitors?
Why are my logs filling with these messages?
Safari crashes when opening
Why do I look like a boiled lobster on this blog? – the perils of images on web pages
Text file lockout – I cannot edit and save a text file
Please may I Trash this? – permissions problems with Trash
Why does this message crash Mail? – deleting a troublesome message
Help me access my PNG movies – when a file format is no longer supported in QuickLook
Why are my photos distorted? – stopping Mail from messing with embedded images
Who is using my address for spam? – dealing with email spoofing
Keeper not for keeps – removing MacKeeper
Will Photos import my iPhoto Library? – problems with Photos already
Hanging Contacts – how Contacts broke because of a Finder preference file problem
Mail’s Preferences won’t work – how to get preference settings to stick
How can I stop Mail embedding PDFs?
Which way for malware protection? – does removing Java reduce risk?
A standalone Mac Pro – networking problems
Who owns my old backups? – problems with permissions after a restore
Not all it Themes – missing Themes in iPhoto, and Themes in Photos
Blue dots of dictation – Enhancing speech-to-text
Migration route – setting up a new Mac from your old one
Locking a folder – how can you password-protect a folder?
Custom Contacts – a more sophisticated address book
Backing up iPhoto and Photos Libraries
Time Machine error 28 – what it means and how to fix it
A dictionary of placenames
Disabled key
Pointless purges – managing memory and performance
Lost keychain
Spelling colour correctly – in Pages old and new
Trashing a backup
Invalid volume/directory counts – reported by Disk Utility
Folder timestamps and journalling
Locking keychain – which keeps locking itself again
Batch printing to PDF
Unicode in spades – how to use symbols for suits easily
Fitting a pint drive into a quart Mac Pro – and spreading Time Machine backups over multiple volumes
Mayhem in Mission Control
49 MB of .msg files – how to view them
Scammed or safe? – what to do when you visit a hijacked website
Mean on mail – do you need your own mail server?
Nailing down the Desktop – how to stop users changing their Desktop pictures
Insecure Startup Item
Opening PageMaker documents
Security of encryption
Sanskrit Pages – font support for unusual Unicode characters
Unreadable Pages – how to open Pages docs which the app cannot
iTunes play once and stop
Archiving mail
Pages + Finale = Opera
Running specialist Windows apps
Finder grown old – the weirdest bug ever
Scripting Mail to send Out of Office responses
Managing colour profiles
Scanning paint colour charts
Turning Spotlight off
Permission for migration
Crashing Dock
Changing Finder’s sort order
Using Google Advanced Search
Compressing a huge PDF
Tuning Desktop appearance
Flawed room service – problems with hotel ‘free’ WiFi
Translation aids for OS X
Support for Celtic and other languages in OS X
Remote sharing and IP addresses
Storing libraries off the boot disk
Strip for speed? – accelerating OS X for movie editing
Deleting without Trash
Malmigration – when iTunes libraries fail to make it across
Musical quiz – tools to produce one using a Mac
Flash back to the past – opening old Macromedia Director files
Finder queries – when Finder window tools become question marks
Spinning beachballs
Opening old iMovie docs
Messages when repairing permissions
BSc (Mac) – finding which universities support Mac training
Pregnant pause when printing
Tracking location and mobile data costs
Replacing a broken Mail app
Lost addresses in Mail after migration
WordPress or Dreamweaver?
Which writing tool?
Is Apple Lossless audio compression perfect?
How should I deal with DNS failures?
Missing network connection
Which font to help the dyslexic?
Should I trust this email?
Apps quit as soon as they open
Ghost in the Time Machine
Missed travel connections – DHCP problems in hotel WiFi
Not a sudoer – can a non-admin user account use sudo to gain root privileges?
Thinning a Time Machine backup
Fragmented old PDF – problems copying from an old PDF
Step back to Classic – problems retrieving files from Classic
The neat way to create aliases
No system memory
Which text editor for OS X configuration files?
Column maths in Word
Spinning beachballs and a slow system
Permitting messages with an empty subject
‘Custom access’ to old folders
More spinning beachballs
EXIF missing data
Faster browsing with your own DNS?
Revealing passwords – how can I show my passwords instead of seeing blobs?
What incoming connections? – why are my apps apparently requiring incoming Internet connections?
Finding a snooper
Samba’s named streams
Tidying Documents – how to tidy your Documents folder
Terminal command undo
Phantom PC server
Soundtrack from DVD
Broken Mac mini Server RAID
Accessing a studio file server
Tweaking Help windows
Sudo outside Terminal
Changing Time Machine – the backup volume has changed name
Time Machine or file server backup?
Who SUIDs?
Unwanted Ø – stopping the text /O being expanded to Ø
Time Machine and NAS
iMovie on iOS and OS X
Controlling cookies
Word smart cut and paste
No outgoing mail
Contacts stopped syncing
Is iCloud a one-way trip?
Mail stopped altogether with Yosemite
Entering Keychain password on startup
Zipping up a folder
iBooks library
Surf and zoom – inadvertent zooming when browsing
Migration to a new iPad
Interface glitches after upgrade
Transparent Dock
Blocking popups in OS X
Muddled Mail
Memory in the yellow, issues in the logs
MacKeeper popups keep coming
iTunes muted
Time Machine out of control?
Checking QuickLook support
Problems accessing website
Too Remote Mouse
Putting an iPad’s address book into FileMaker Pro
Broken words in InDesign
Handing control to Google – should you let Google access your Mac to update apps?
Update breaks single website
Vanishing disk space
How to convert sRGB to RGB?
Noisy Mail
Mixed Arabic and Roman script
Two Internet connections, two DHCP servers – and one big mess!
Ghost disk images
Evernote, or Nevernote?
BBC iPlayer outside the UK
Files with strange names
Teasmade iMac – which keeps starting up of its own accord
Who enabled guest access?
Copying images from Photos
Cursing the invisible cursor – how to make your cursor more visible
How can I stop Spotlight from searching my SQL files?
Opening .doc docs
Hosting major project in iPhoto
Reading colour values
Cleaning cleaners – getting rid of unwanted utilities
Using OS X Server to conserve bandwidth
Mail downloading but no mail
Portrait problems in iBooks Author
TextEdit’s Find in selected text, lost
Screen flasher
Excel file access error
Keeping back issues of electronic magazines
NASty errors – problems trashing folders on a NAS
Bonjour name in use
Mail offers wrong attachment, an enigma – still unsolved
Poor connection to iCloud
Migrating from a PC to an iPhone
3D video support
Putting your libraries on a NAS
Looking for an old phone number
Dropbox for syncing bookmarks
What are lockfiles?
Solving network lockout
Phantom email from iCloud
Permissions when copying in Target mode
Little Snitch v malware
Restoring windows
Creating structured email messages
Spotlight indexing Time Machine backups
Why hide the Home Library folder?
Running old versions of apps
Does an air gap protect from malware?
Signature attached – getting a graphic signature right
MailMail – Exchange Server duplicating messages
Cleaning up an old iMac – repartitioning, installing fresh El Capitan
How to use San Francisco font in docs?
Keys out of order – error when using Disk Utility
Can’t find the server – browser error
Stuck App Store installation
Single user in Parallels – how to allow others to access your Parallels Virtual Machines
App Store apps damaged
Permissions not repairable – problems in El Capitan
Cable modem activity – why are those lights always flashing?
Using the same IP address – is a sure way to suffer network problems
Which is the best compression app?
DNS on the road
Making digital images look like film
Grey messages and tiny type – in Mail
Lost preferences – where can I find them now?
Can’t install a kernel extension – in El Capitan
Windows is a pale comparison – adjusting Boot Camp brightness
Missing devices from Finder
Moving on from Entourage – upgrading to El Capitan and migrating from Entourage
Making links in PDF files
Sending an audio birthday message
Hot link to wrong mail client
Unhiding your Home Library folder
Setting date and time
Opening new windows where you want them
iCloud caps – coping with bandwidth limits while using iCloud
Brightness controls on a MacBook Air
Slow Office startup
Stuttering radio playback
iTunes with a mind of its own
Removing duplicate tracks in iTunes
El Capitan keeps beachballing
Is printing from Pages pants?
Weird characters in a newsletter
Audible alerts in Outlook
Files opened in the wrong app
Mail duplicated
Google Earth in every Finder window
Microsoft Office font confusion
Can I use one MagSafe adaptor for both my MacBook Pro and Air?
Cannot connect to Mac for file sharing – tripped up by SMB
Which app to edit a logo?
How to defragment in El Capitan

Technical topics – hardware

Startup and shutdown key combinations
Core Blimey! The power in your processor – CPUs, GPUs, cores, and benchmarking
Thanks for the Memory
HD or SSD?
Checking your drives with DriveDx
The Return of RAID – RAID drives
Video Out: Display connections
Choosing and Using Peripheral Buses – USB, Thunderbolt, et al.
Small Networks Without Big Headaches – setting up and diagnosing a small network
VR: A bit of grit in the eye – delays in the arrival of consumer VR
Partitioning a NAS – can you partition a WD My Cloud drive?
Computer Ebola – the threat of BadUSB
Any Port in a Firewall – port knocking and other means of entry
Hard decisions – criteria for selecting hard drives
Asleep on the job – problems with sleep and wakening
Don’t die in the bath: mains power and mortality
Power you can trust – UPS selection and use
Macs, hum, and unintended aerials
Magsafe compatibility – which power supplies can be used with which laptops?
Variable voltage: how 12 V batteries are not
Variable voltage: a lighter alternative
Magic Trackpad 2 requires Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)
Thunderbolt: not quite all daisies
Made it: running on a new iMac
Lead-free graphics cards: a problem?
Making the most of your Magic Trackpad 2
Digging deeper into Force Touch and the Magic Trackpad 2
Fusion Drives: the best thing to happen to El Capitan
El Capitan and Yosemite: how CoreStorage changes hard drives and their care
Apple’s 27″ Retina 5K iMac display: small quirks, gorgeous image
Disappearing disk space
Dyssomnia, or how did saving energy get so complex?
Energy Saver sleep settings solved
Measuring colour: the ColorMunki’s missing software
How Apple’s Superdrive enforces obsolescence
Keeping cool: how to stop your Mac from overheating
Need an external optical drive? If only life was more simple
Tucking it away safely: archival media
Colour calibrated displays and ambient light
Drive safely: testing hard drives the hard way
How long will the SSD (in my Fusion Drive) last?
Monitoring SSD wear and ageing
Firmware passwords: a mixed blessing
Samsung’s exploding phones are a timely reminder over USB-C
How does your Thunderbolt port go?
Which hard drive? 160,000 years experience analysed

Technical topics – software

Service with a Smile – advanced troubleshooting of services and the startup process
Persistence: EFI, SMC and NVRAM (formerly PRAM)
Nice or Nasty? – thread priorities and multitasking
Name that disk: what to call your storage
Everything in its place – OS X standard folder structure
.why .the .extensions? Quirks in the naming of files and folders
Aliases and links: understanding their differences
What happens when you run an app?
The app sandbox and how it protects
Events, handlers, and focus: how OS X apps work
Under The Spotlight: local search
Disk Utility and diskutil – and disk images
Installers and updates
Backing Up, Time Machine, and the Cloud – Managing risks for the Individual
Time Machine backups for iCloud
Backing up your laptop: Time Machine local snapshots
Making best use of your backups
Keychain Cops – getting the most out of your keychain
How to deal with keychain problems in macOS 10.11.2 and later
What’s in a Name? Mac, MAC, and IP
Discovering services and resolving addresses – DNS and discoveryd
Time, gentlemen, please – the Network Time Protocol in OS X
Beyond Unicode – lightweight fonts for language documentation
Inside Dictionaries and Keyboards
XML – Lingua Franca or Lost Cause?
Data compression – lossy and non-lossy
Movie Formats and Conversion
Printing without tears
Gatekeeper – its defence against malware
Will I get wet? Weather forecasting on OS X and iOS
Location, location, location – GPS and geotagging
With Complements – colour complements and harmony
Parsing Picasso’s Pastels – measuring colour patches
Open Government UK
Which advertising companies are tracking your online activity?
Any Port in a Firewall – port knocking and other means of entry
Obscured by clouds: how to lose your audiobooks – info on restoring previous purchases from the iTunes Store
Thank and be RESTful – how Twitter, Facebook, and many other apps work
Tackling ACLs and Dr Strangelove
High quality hash – using hash keys for one-way anonymisation
Zipf’s Law: deep and meaningful?
Extracting content from MarsEdit
Time and tide wait for no Mac – tidal information
Let me in: authentication and authorisation
Crash crash – Crash Reporter and ReportCrash, the crash handlers
Who was first: 1 robust timestamping of documents
Who was first: 2 using OriginStamp via its RESTful interface
Regular Expressions – power searching and more
Documents and versioning
How to uninstall an app
How to use ACLs to fine tune access permissions – with TinkerTool System or MacPilot
How to rename batches of files
How to use AppleScript to automate image processing
How to set up a folder action to automate document processing
Polishing your own apps – using icons and Xcode
Controlling the airwaves: wireless network security
Name that Folder/File – limits and issues in the naming of files and folders
Which password? – app-specific passwords when using two-step verification
How to unscramble a downloaded file
Sudden disconnection of PDF files: an error deconstructed – how OS X maps documents to apps, and more
Unwelcome attention: poisoned links and spam comments
OS X Server 5: reverse proxy changes
How to use Parental Controls to protect your children
Q&A: Using OS X Server to conserve bandwidth – delivering updates locally using OS X Server
Quick on the Draw – Vector Graphics
Compressing the information in an image – how JPEG compression works, and how to get the best out of it
Check your extensions with KextViewr
Securing your Internet connections: VPN and more
Just Take This Down: Optical Character Recognition – including non-English languages
App crashed? it could be SIP – this new security feature in El Capitan can deliberately cause apps to crash
Inside the OS X blacklist: XProtect
Personal Preference – preferences from resources to XML
App Store enigma
Human aspects of security: what the software vendors don’t always tell you
Search me! Searching the Internet more effectively
Whatever happened to QuickTime?
Touchy feely: haptic input
Creating a Chinese font: a long passion
Which password? When to enter your user password, and when to use your Apple ID
El Capitan: does it deal with network congestion at last?
Help – I administer our OS X Server, and have locked myself out
Share and share alike: sharing docs from your Mac
Synchronise, clone, backup: rsync, ditto, and their derivatives
The Font of All Knowledge – fonts for the non-specialist user
El Capitan: saving too much energy?
Don’t get cached out: the perils of cached data
Holding down keys: accents or repeat?
EXIF editing: the high overhead to image scanning
SIP and ‘rootless’: El Cap going beyond permissions
SIP and rootless: protecting more than just system files
Silent night: El Capitan’s security settings files
How to uninstall complex software
How to restore your iTunes Music library after Apple Music
Some App Store apps don’t migrate properly
The 501 orphan problem: why you shouldn’t delete the primary admin user
Error numbers: the final hurdle – how to find out what they mean
Adding and removing user accounts in OS X
More mapstakes
Power Management in OS X
Jack of all tasks: launchd, and how to run periodic tasks
You cannot turn off Spotlight indexing on your Time Machine backup
How to uninstall OS X Server 5
Why Wide Colour? A guide to its gains
Making best use of your backups
Blocked kernel extensions – analysis of those blocked by XProtect


Gathering winds of change – the future of Macs and OS X
A C of Insecurity – vulnerabilities and open source
The joy of TeX – old yet young: Mac, Unix, and TeX
The Internet of Threats – how the Internet of Things has its downside
Getting resilient – how we need better planning to help in disruption and disaster
The Cost of Not Restarting – a cautionary tale
Rollout and rollover: when the App Store needs a refit
Plaster in Paris – who wants to be organised?
Has The App Lost Its Value? – the changing approach to upgrades
Wrestling with Windows – touchscreen interfaces
Stick a fork in WebKit, it’s Undone – trouble among browsers
New tablets for old – reading the oldest language on an iPad
Clonovation – corporate copyright litigation
Over-engineering – the complexities of Xcode
C Double Sharp – the new Swift programming language
Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – improving integration of Server and iCloud
Is there an app for that? – navigating the App Store
TopShot Top Marks – a new printer-scanner
No Progress – progress bars don’t work properly
Caps, KERS, and Burning Boeings – is enough being done to address electrical failures causing fires?
Words can ever hurt me – language for the social media
The End is Nigh? – are books and desktop computers doomed, or does the future depend on print-on-demand publishing?
And for Apple’s Next Trick… – the iPad and its competitors, and now the Watch
Will we Go or Rust? – new programming languages, old problems
Wishes almost granted – how electronic publishing tools differ from those of the desktop publishing revolution
Mirror, mirror, on the web, who was the most frustrated of them all? – assembling an alternative to Adobe CC
Scammed and scarred: a cautionary tale – when phishing succeeds, who cares?
Still no Year of the Geek – Apple needs to cater better for the high-end creatives
Enthralled by Steve – an obituary of sorts for Steve Jobs
An Ill Wind? – bad product naming and problematic products
My 400th birthday – a look back at Mac evolution
Fashion Victims – cases and other fashion requisites
Tell Mac speak human – programming languages are still unlike natural language
Tic or treat – lack of co-ordination in Apple’s software products
Expecting tips and florid gestures: tips for people-watching (tongue-in-cheek humour)
Remembrance of Camerons past – rural broadband and depopulation
Click on OK – the click count as a measure of interface efficiency
Sex, files, and Disk Utility – ZFS, the file system
A Fair Copse – quality control of online content
Patent Nonsense – patent law
A D Too Far – 3D TV and displays
VR: A bit of grit in the eye – delays in the arrival of consumer VR
γνῶθι σεαυτόν (gnothi seauton, Know thyself) – human limitations
A Fallen Tree – Microsoft Outlook as a mail client
Single Point of Failure – reliability of Java
Thinking outside the books – no change in electronic publishing
Making my PowerPoint – how to die in front of an audience
Crash trash – the computer term crash
eMail without tears or fears
With Complements – colour complements and harmony
The Browsing of Others – the rise of electronic surveillance
Hats off to email – how email needs to be improved
Apple needs a Chief Function Officer, not a Chief Design Officer
Learning from the Masters – using the apps of your choice
No-one at Home – health and safety, homeworking, and low-tech health services
Parsing Picasso’s Pastels – measuring colour patches
Blogs in Flames – the collapse of
Human Interface Perspective – 3D interfaces
The Good Life – small really is beautiful
Popular vote or social engineering
The Great Mail Robbery – lack of regulation of email service quality
Why faster is seldom quicker
Getting it Right – errors, mistakes, and blame
Result Not Defined – improvements to Time Machine
Limited access – has computing transformed the world as much as the railways did?
Obscured by clouds: how to lose your audiobooks
Psychopathia Internetualis – web defacement
Knowledge to rely on? – when Wikipedia went dark
Is this important? – should OS X allow for the importance of files, etc.?
The Samuel Johnson Code – spelling and Wars of Independence
Heroic Age of the Internet – archiving Internet content
Bully Off – dealing with online bullying
Free speech and common sense – Delfi AS v Estonia – rights of free speech and responsibilities
WiFi Witchfinders – is it safe?
Steganographic Slips – how Word can release removed content
Small but perfectly formed – anticipating the iPhone and iPad
Amazon rewards pageturners in new royalties system – how to change literature
Ellipsical Orbits – Lisp and language history
Not Plane Sailing – trying to do photogrammetry on a Mac
Open Government – and open standards
Janus and Mars – what did and did not happen in 2007
Good Lords! How UK government has ignored online crime
Primum non nocere – utilities and protection that do more harm than good
Lifelong learning – The Open University, iTunes U, MOOCs, and more
NIH – a common but sinister disease
What’s in a Name? – the pain of switching Internet service
Bring out your bugs – should vendors open their bug tracking list?
Nice or Nasty? – thread priorities and multitasking
Hot Stuff – CPU cooling as a limit to performance
Mark my words – Flesch-Kincaid reading grades and Word
Timing shots, a software obituary
Have you ever been had? – inadvertently installing a cleaning utility
Broken Clouds, or why you won’t find my embarrassing photos
Movable feasts – calendar maths, Mathematica, and more
High quality hash – using hash keys for one-way anonymisation
Licensed to mow: paying to use CODECs
Purposeful portables – from the Cambridge Z88 to the Dana, all now dead and gone
Adobe Tax Avoidance: a CC alternative for the prosumer
Photo editing: why was it not sans Serif?
Apple making 92% of phone profits? Monopoly or misleading?
Mystery Kilo – the changing size of the kilobyte
Time and tide wait for no Mac – tidal information and copyright
Why I will dance on Flash’s grave
RIP AppleTalk
Copyright, common sense, and copying
Asleep on the job – problems with sleep and wakening
Comic tech – technology and graphic novels, etc.
A version too far – need for transparency in the new versioning system
Getting copyright right
Serious maths for silly prices
Grandsons get complicated: how giving an iPad turned tricky
Key ppointsss – when wireless is hopeless
Progress barred from Windows 10?
This CARROT doesn’t taste right – problems with CARROT Weather
File menu, Fingerprint command – document traceability and leaks
Arts in Hard Times
The politics of encryption, and the ignorance of politics
A lesson in control systems from the online social lab
Rip Mac Winkle – a simple upgrade, what could go wrong?
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The End of the World is IT – climate change and computing
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Remembrance is not just before Chistmas it is also about freedom and democracy, and their defence
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Bricking up windows on privacy – how the draft Bill is onto a loser before it starts
Competitors by proxy
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Cambridge Computer’s Z88: the iPad Pro of 1987
Rhetoric of the impossible: Paris and privacy
App Store enigma
Mac App Store: still broken despite Apple’s fix
Unexpected cucumbers and online services
Locked on the lochs – satnav and its shortcomings
Drive failed, so what’s important?
Give us a break: keep Unicode clean – say no to the commercialisation of emoji and Unicode
Emojis: cute but deeply flawed
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Don’t ditch the index(es)
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Welcome to MacFormat
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Another Year of the Mighty Falling – a look back at 2012 and prospects for 2016
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Apple News news – blogs are approved for inclusion in News
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Virtual books, virtual ownership, real profits
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Lost in the log
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First reclaim society, then the internet – should we be trying to ‘Reclaim the Internet’?
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WWDC: Fix the existing before launching the new
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RIP APLX, and welcome Dyalog APL for OS X
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Someone is likely to be profiting from your public domain content
Industrial copyright abuse
Recognition by eponym, and maths on the meter
Health, medical devices, and Apple
AI and robots: a better understanding
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New products for new species
It’s about the interface, not the technology
App Store chaos + Power Coma + Time Machine blackout = Friday
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