Mojave 10.14.6 is ready for the new Mac Pro – what has changed in the update

This evening’s update to what will almost certainly be the last version of Mojave, apart from security updates in the future, brings some very interesting changes. First and foremost, it brings new system support for “Expansion Slots”, which are surely for the new Mac Pro model which is due to ship in the next few weeks. This confirms that its initial macOS install will be Mojave 10.14.6 rather than Catalina.

“Expansion Slots” appear for the first time in new private frameworks, and the existing Expansion Slot Utility in /System/Library/CoreServices has been updated from version 1.5.2 to 2.0, which seems quite a leap.

Further updates, which Apple doesn’t appear to have covered in its release notes, are across most software supporting Bluetooth, even its preference pane, and in Photos, which has changes in its iCloud support as well. There have been many updates across the various components for Notes.

Here are the full details of what has really changed in 10.14.6.

In /Applications:

  • News has advanced from 4.3 (2133) to 4.4 (2166)
  • Notes has advanced from build 879.10 to 879.30
  • Photos has advanced from build 3451.7.120 to 3461.7.140
  • QuickTime Player has advanced from build 935.3 to 935.5
  • Safari has been updated from 12.1.1 (14607. to 12.1.2 (14607.3.9), which includes security updates
  • Stocks has advanced from build 316 to 320
  • Utilities/Boot Camp Assistant has advanced from build 6067.260.27 to 6067.270.23
  • Utilities/VoiceOver Utility has advanced from build 562.858 to 562.860.

In /System/Library:

  • there are updated support files for News and Notes
  • additions have been made to the Kext Deny Lists
  • CoreServices/Applications/Feedback Assistant has been updated from 4.5 (357.2) to 4.6 (390.12)
  • CoreServices/Bluetooth Setup Assistant has been updated from 6.0.12 (6.0.12f1) to 6.0.14 (6.0.14d3), with changes in BluetoothUIServer, Bluetooth Menu and Bluetooth preference pane likewise
  • CoreServices/ControlStrip has advanced from build 192 to 192.2
  • CoreServices/Expansion Slot Utility has been updated from 1.5.2 (1.5.2b1) to 2.0 (2.0)
  • CoreServices/Siri has been updated from 146.14.20 to 146.15.3
  • a substantial number of extensions have been updated, particularly those supporting graphics cards
  • the IOThunderboltFamily extension has been updated from 6.8.4 to 6.8.6
  • APFS has been updated from 945.260.7 to 945.275.7. This is another relatively small increment
  • there have been updates to the AppKit and CloudKit frameworks, and several others including ColorSync and CoreData
  • the Metal framework has been updated from 161.9.16 to 162.2
  • Notifications have been updated across various parts of the system
  • there are new private frameworks named ExpansionSlotSupport version 1.0, presumably to support the new Mac Pro
  • there has been extensive updating in PhotoLibrary and iCloud Photo support.

Overall, this has been quite a modest update, but clearly contains many more changes than Apple has listed in its release notes. It has also been accompanied by EFI firmware updates for every reasonably recent model, including those equipped with T2 chips.