Q&A: Using a 27″ iMac display

Q I intend replacing my MacBook Pro (2009) with a new 15” model with Retina display. What cable do I need to connect them for migration, and which adaptor should I get to use it with my 4 year old Apple 27” Cinema display?

A The best way to connect your old and new MacBook Pros for migration is over a wired Ethernet network, or (if simpler) back-to-back using Ethernet. The new model has two Thunderbolt ports, so you will need a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adaptor (£25).

If your display is the LED Cinema Display 27″, it has a Mini DisplayPort input, which you should connect to the other Thunderbolt port using a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 30 issue 12, 2014.