About This Mac: Storage revisited

I recently asked whether the Storage tab in the About This Mac dialog works for everyone, moaning yet again that it has never worked on this iMac17,1.

I have good news, with a screenshot to prove it: it does work at last. Yesterday morning, I was just completing making screenshots for my next section in MacFormat magazine, opened About This Mac, and selected Storage. A few seconds later, this appeared:


The bad news is that, a few hours later when I tried it, the bar had reverted to Calculating…, even though I left the dialog open for a good half hour.

I had made minimal changes to the contents of my startup drive between those times, and had not opened any library files, used any media-type apps, or done anything else which would make significant changes to what Storage is looking at. In fact, I trashed some quite large files before opening it later, freeing up some disk space.

It’s a bug all right.