Apple has released macOS Catalina 10.15.3, and security updates for Mojave and High Sierra

Apple has just released the update to bring Catalina to version 10.15.3, together with Security Updates for both Mojave and High Sierra. It reports two specific improvements in 10.15.3:

  • optimises gamma handling for the Pro Display XDR,
  • improves video editing performance in HEVC and H.264 4K video on the latest MacBook Pro 16-inch

but as the download amounts to around 3.42 GB and brings firmware updates for most models, I’m sure there’s a great deal more.

No further details are given in this article, but full security notes for all three updates are here.

Security fixes include updating PHP to version 7.3.11, a Gatekeeper bypass from an NFS mount, two remote Bluetooth attacks, vulnerbility to crafted JPEG images, five kernel bugs, validation of symlinks in packages, and a remote Wi-Fi attack. From a security viewpoint alone, these are essential updates.

Standalone updaters for 10.15.3 are already available. The ‘delta’ update for 10.15.3 is here, and the Combo updater for 10.15.3 is here [NOTE: Apple has now corrected this for the US version of this page, in the link given here. Other locales may take longer to propagate the correct page]. Security Update 2020-001 for Mojave is here, and for High Sierra is here.

I have now updated the firmware versions in SilentKnight’s database and the lists here, thanks to Pico’s help in providing the new version details.