Apple has released macOS 10.14.6 update, and Sierra and High Sierra security updates.

Apple has just released the 10.14.6 update for macOS Mojave, as well as security updates for High Sierra and Sierra. The update to Mojave is relatively small, at around 3 GB, and according to Apple addresses the following issues:

  • fixes several issues in News+, including the ability to clear downloaded magazine issues;
  • problems creating new Boot Camp partitions on iMac and Mac mini with Fusion Drives;
  • hanging during restart;
  • graphics issues when waking from sleep;
  • full-screen video appearing black on a Mac mini;
  • improves the reliability of File Sharing (via SMB).

Bundled with the updates is an update to XProtect version 2104. Every model of Mac also has a firmware update. I have now updated the list of firmware version numbers here, and those served to SilentKnight. If you see any discrepancies, please let me know.

This update is slow and potentially worrying on T2 systems, where there are long periods with a complete black display. Don’t rush and assume the update has frozen: give it plenty of time and it will finally come to life again.

Full release notes are at last available here.

Security fixes are detailed here, and include: a fix to the NFS automount exploit revealed by Filippo Cavallarin, address bar spoofing in Safari, a bug in the encryption status of Time Machine backups, many fixes to WebKit. Safari is updated to version 12.1.2.

Standalone installers are now available for the 10.14.6 Combo update, and the regular 10.14.6 ‘delta’ update. These do now appear to be ‘safe’: see this article for details.

Standalone installers for the security updates are available again for High Sierra (2019-004) and for Sierra (2019-004). On 24 July Apple pulled both of those, apparently because of widely reported problems which they caused with sleep and wake, particularly in MacBook Pros. On 29 July, Apple released fixed versions which do appear safe to install at last.

(Updated 29 July.)