Mojave glitches in SystHist and T2M2

I have noticed two glitches when using my free apps in Mojave.

SystHist 1.4

On most upgraded systems, as far as I can tell, SystHist recognises their upgrade to Mojave, and shows it in its views. However, on my iMac that upgrade wasn’t recorded ‘properly’ in its installation database: the normal keywords and version are omitted, even though I used the same installer for my MacBook Pro, on which those were registered correctly.

On the iMac, Mojave is also omitted from the list of installations in System Information, presumably for the same reason.

If you have upgraded to Mojave and can’t see that upgrade listed in SystHist, I apologise. Once Apple has remembered to ensure its macOS installers save their records properly, maybe in 10.14.1, normal service should be resumed.

T2M2 1.3

Now that I have a Mojave system which uses Time Machine, I can report on the problems which I need to fix in my diagnostic tool T2M2.

T2M2 is largely compatible with Mojave, although it remains stubbornly stuck in Light Mode until I take Xcode 10 to it. Amazingly, the log messages posted by Time Machine have stayed remarkably constant since the days of Sierra, although something has changed there, which causes T2M2 to report almost invariably that there have been 0 (zero) new backups. Other figures in its report appear reliable and accurate: you can work out how many new backups have been created, as that is the same as the number of backups completed, which is stated separately.

I will try to address these minor issues in the next few days, and post a new version, which I will also get notarized.

If you encounter any other problems in any of my apps here, please report them as comments, or send me an email (address in the About page), so that I can fix them.