Q&A: Who makes an iMac’s components?

Q I am considering migrating from custom Windows PCs to an iMac 27”. As this is a model which cannot, apart from memory, be upgraded or repaired, how can I find out who makes its internal components, like the display?

A Although there are limits to what you can upgrade in an iMac, they are fully repairable thanks to Apple’s long-established modular construction techniques. So whilst you cannot swap the graphics card for a higher-performance model, if it fails it can be replaced.

Internal expansion is limited to memory and hard drives, the latter using its internal SATA slot.

Macs are built for Apple using components supplied by a range of manufacturers to Apple’s specifications, and apart from the processor and major chipsets (from Intel) and graphics card (specific to your machine build) could come from various approved suppliers. Internal hard disks might come from Hitachi or other major brand names, and motherboards are designed by Apple, of course.

Most if not all current Apple 27” displays including the stunning 5K Retina version are made by LG, but to confirm that you would need to strip the iMac right down – not for the faint-hearted, and not something to try in an Apple store! You might instead find iFixit’s teardown of interest.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 30 issue 6, 2014.