Q&A: iMovie on iOS and OS X

Q Prior to Mavericks and its iMovie updates, I was able to start movie projects on my iPad and complete them on a Mac. More recently I have been unable to get this to work, and with current releases and regular iCloud service this seems broken. iMovie on my iPad (iOS 8) exports to a .iMovieMobile files, but my Mac seems unable to read that. Is this still broken, or am I doing something wrong?

A The key here seems to be the use of iCloud Drive to bond together iOS and OS X devices, which in turn requires that all your Macs are running Yosemite with iMovie 10, and that all your iOS devices are running iOS 8 – the requirements for them to be able to switch to iCloud Drive.

Switching to iCloud Drive is a one way trip, but appears to be an essential part of the process of shared editing with current versions of iMovie. Mixtures of previous versions together with regular iCloud or other cloud services might work, but are not likely to work as well as iCloud Drive + OS X 10.10.x + iOS 8.x. This is probably because of incompatible file formats and issues with older iCloud protocols.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 31 issue 2, 2015, its final issue.