Q&A: Missing devices from Finder

Q My shiny new iMac has replaced a much-loved but now dead predecessor. However there are couple of things that it does not seem to cope with, that were important to me: sending photos from my LG phone by mass storage transfer to my Desktop, and mounting an install DVD for Microsoft Office, or an external hard disk. How can I fix those?

A The single common issue which could account for these is that you have not enabled the display of external storage devices in the Finder’s preferences.

In the Finder, use the Preferences… command from the Finder menu to display the Preferences dialog. Depending on whether you prefer to see these external volumes on your Desktop or in the sidebar of Finder windows in column view, check the boxes in the top section of the General pane, or in the Sidebar pane.

Remember that you must drag Desktop volume icons to the Trash, or click on the eject tool in the Sidebar, to eject them. This is particularly important for your phone, as simply disconnecting it without ejecting its volume will cause an error, or could even make the Finder crash.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 28 issue 02, 2012.