Q&A: Signature attached

Q I have always used Apple’s Mail as my email client. I have also long had a problem using my signature at the end of my messages, and this always shows up as an attachment. How can I fix that?

A Set this up in stages so that you can check that each level works properly.

Start with a plain text signature, by opening Mail’s Preferences, selecting Signatures, and adding a new signature containing just your name and another line or two of text. Send a couple of test mails to verify that this works properly.

Next try styled text without an image, by opening up the same signature and styling it to taste. You will then need to ensure that your messages are sent in Rich Text, selected at the top of the Composing tool. Check that works OK, then try adding an image by opening the signature and pasting in a small logo or similar.

However the recipient needs to have their mail client set up to show messages in the right format, with images displayed inline, or their mail client will display any image as an attachment. For example, someone who still uses a mail client which displays only plain text will inevitably receive any graphical signature as an attachment.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 28 issue 15, 2012.