Apple updates security and protection settings

In the last couple of days, Apple has pushed out silent updates to three of the security and protection settings files for OS X El Capitan. These include:

  • Gatekeeper Configuration Data, which are updated to version 91;
  • MRT Configuration Data, which are updated to version 1.9;
  • XProtectPlistConfigData, which remain at version 1.0, but were updated on 9 July 2016.

These provide enhanced protection against recent malware, including Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, which is identified in the XProtect data as OSX.Eleanor.A. There may also be some protection against OSX/Keydnap, although that is already blocked by Gatekeeper.

An easy way to check whether your Mac received these updates is to open the About This Mac dialog from the  menu, then click on the System Report… button. In the System Information window, select the Installations item in the Software section at the left. This lists all installations; to sort them in time order, click twice on the column head Install Date to put the most recent installations at the top.

If you have not received these, you might like to run
sudo softwareupdate --background-critical
in Terminal’s command line, to force the updates.

I have updated details on my listing in this article.