Fixing another X-Rite ColorMunki problem

If you have one of X-Rite’s ColorMunki Photo or Design devices, you may have experienced problems with monitor profiles which prove too dark, following calibration using the device.

According to X-Rite, this can occur on Macs which have previously had version 1.1.1 of the ColorMunki software installed, but have then been updated to the current versions, 1.2.0 or 1.2.1. That could include Macs which have been migrated from others which had 1.1.1 installed too: migration could easily have installed fragments of an old installation.

X-Rite advises that uninstalling version 1.1.1 will probably not have the expected effect of removing all its components, and updating to 1.2.0 certainly doesn’t.

If you are using version 1.2.0 (or later) and previously had 1.1.1 installed, you should disconnect your ColorMunki and manually remove any remaining files. The files and folders to be removed include:

  • /Applications/ColourMunki Photo (or Design) folder complete
  • /Library/Application Support/X-Rite and ColorMunki folders
  • /Library/ColorPickers/colormunki colorpicker
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.x-rite. files (all)
  • /Library/LaunchAgents/com.x-rite. files (all)
  • /Library/Frameworks/X-Rite… files (4 in all)
  • /Library/Logs/colormunki etc. files, including colormunki.log, DisplayLogger.txt, MeasuredPatchesLogger.text, SumoTrayLogger.txt, etc.
  • ~/Library/Application Support/ColorMunki folder
  • ~/Library/Logs/colormunki etc. files, including colormunki.log, DisplayLogger.txt, MeasuredPatchesLogger.text, SumoTrayLogger.txt, etc.
  • ~/PreferencePanes/XRiteDeviceSeries.prefPane
  • ~/Preferences/com.xrite. items
  • Open your Users & Groups pane, select the Login Items tab, and remove ColorMunki xxx Tray.

Once you have done that, restart, and install version 1.2.0 (or the latest available) for ColorMunki Design or 1.2.1 for Photo.

If you install the 1.2.0 software to support a ColorMunki Design device, you may find that you need to download an additional patch for compatibility with El Capitan: the patch is available from here, and detailed in this note.

X-Rite admits that it does not know which part of the 1.1.1 software is causing this problem, or why it is not removed by uninstalling that version.

X-Rite is owned by Danaher Corporation, whose total revenue in 2013 was over $19 billion. Despite making excellent colour measurement hardware, its supporting software is very poorly maintained, to the point where I would not buy any more X-Rite products again.

My thanks to Simon Simpson, who kindly managed to wheedle this information from X-Rite UK.