Q&A: Graphics problem after repair

Q My early 2011 MacBook Pro showed a ‘red screen’ and crashed. Repaired by an Apple store, it now claims there is a ‘graphics problem’. Has it broken again?

A This report could be spurious. Try creating a new user account, restart, and log in as that user. If the warning disappears, you may be able to eliminate it from your account by removing files whose name begins with ‘Kernel’ and the extension .gpuRestart from /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.

If that does not do the trick you should contact the store again to see if they can help. Some of these models have recognised problems with their graphics cards, and Apple has extended warranty repairs on certain of them in response.

Updated from the original, which was submitted for publication in MacUser volume 31 issue 3, 2015, but never appeared.