Mojave bug: QuickLook thumbnails are too high

Mojave puts a lot of information at your fingertips in Finder windows. However, the priority given to different components isn’t currently right. In particular, too much vertical space is reserved for QuickLook thumbnails (icons).


Even in a very deep Finder window in Column mode, a shallow QuickLook thumbnail is given so much space that you have to scroll in order to be able to see that file’s metadata and the Quick Actions bar below it. This is in a Finder window on a 5K display at ‘looks like 2880 x 1620’ mode: it gets much worse on a laptop.

Almost the whole of the preview area in that window is empty space, with far too much above and below the thumbnail.


Shrinking the width of the preview column doesn’t help either. Instead of the thumbnail taking less vertical space as it shrinks in size, that isn’t scaled in proportion, forcing the user to scroll still to access the information and tools below the thumbnail.

This has affected Mojave since 10.14 first release, and I kept meaning to moan about it. Thanks to Michael Tsai for reminding me in a recent tweet.