LockRattler 4.12 now supports TCC data on Mojave

macOS 10.14 Mojave brings new and important roles to the Transparency Consent and Control (TCC) system which has long been present in macOS. These implement Mojave’s new privacy protection, and in part rely on a signed bundle at /System/Library/Sandbox/TCC_Compatibility.bundle. This contains a set of app-specific overrides to TCC’s rules, which are loaded each time that TCC starts up.

Currently, in macOS 10.14 release, TCC_Compatibility.bundle gives a version number of 14.0. Given the nature of the overrides, Apple is likely to update that bundle, and implies that it will in this Support Note.

This new version of LockRattler therefore checks that version number and displays it, along with all the previously-checked security data files.


This only applies to Mojave: TCC has a much lower profile in High Sierra and earlier, and there seems little point in checking and displaying any version number of TCC data there.

LockRattler 4.12 includes this new check, and has several improvements in its Help book and documentation. It’s available now from here: lockrattler412
and from Downloads above.

I have also updated the support page and article here for Mojave.

This version of LockRattler has one continuing issue: clicking on its Refresh button still doesn’t update the security data file version numbers shown in its white text boxes, only the update information next to them.

I have spent some time working on this issue, in which LockRattler calls macOS to give the current version number of these data files. My code makes all the right calls, as far as I can tell, but macOS stubbornly refuses to return the updated version numbers. I apologise for this, but can see no good way to work around it yet. I will keep trying.