Two command tools updated for Mojave: alisma and unormal

I have now ported two of my command tools for full compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

alisma creates and resolves Finder aliases from the command line, and I believe is the only tool which does this. A command like
alisma -a math-basics.pdf mbalias
creates a Finder alias to the file math-basics.pdf in the new alias file mbalias, and
alisma -p mbalias
resolves the Finder alias in mbalias to return its full path.

Version 1.1, which is compatible with El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave, with both HFS+ and APFS, is here: alisma11
and in Downloads above. It comes with source code too.

unorml converts supplied strings (which can effectively be of any length) according to any of the four Unicode normalisation forms C, D, KC, and KD, returning the converted string. For example,
unorml -d 'café'
returns the Form D conversion of the string café.

Version 2.1, compatible with Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave, is here: unorml21
and in Downloads above. It too comes with source code.