macOS High Sierra 10.13. update, Sierra and El Capitan Security Updates 2018-003 now available

Apple has today released the expected update to High Sierra, to bring it to version 10.13.5, together with security updates (2018-003) for El Capitan and Sierra.

Almost all Macs also have a bundled EFI firmware update included.

The only new user feature identified by Apple is Messages in iCloud, which Apple states is a feature of High Sierra only; there is no comparable option in the Sierra version of the Messages app. The High Sierra update still seems very large: its App Store download is 2.12 GB in size.

There is no mention of whether 10.13.5 extends support for APFS to Fusion Drives.

The list of security fixes is quite long, and contains some important ones. Among these are:

  • apache_mod_php is updated to php version 7.1.16;
  • improved object management in Bluetooth, which prevents malicious apps from determining kernel memory layout;
  • a vulnerability allowing modification of EFI flash memory by processes running as root has been fixed;
  • a vulnerability in GCD has been fixed, which allowed sandboxed processes to circumvent the sandbox restrictions;
  • two kernel bugs have been fixed in High Sierra, and two in El Capitan and Sierra;
  • High Sierra’s S/MIME encrypted email has improved handling, and validation of S-MIME certificates has been improved, to mitigate more EFAIL vulnerabilities;
  • an impersonation attack in Messages has been addressed;
  • vulnerabilities in graphics drivers have been fixed;
  • four more vulnerabilities in security have been fixed.

Safari is also updated to version 11.1.1.

Full details of security fixes are here.

As usual, the updates are available from the App Store, with standalone updates available from:

  • here for High Sierra 10.13.5
  • here for the Combo update for High Sierra 10.13.5
  • here for Sierra Security Update 2018-003
  • here for El Capitan Security Update 2018-003.

I have posted another article detailing what the 10.13.5 update actually includes, and will follow that with one about the Security Update for Sierra. Updated EFI firmware versions are now available here.