APFS will finally be supported on Fusion Drives – in macOS 10.14 Mojave

Apple has just announced that, at long last, its Fusion Drives will soon support its new file system, APFS – but not until the release of macOS 10.14 Mojave this autumn/fall.

An almost casual aside dropped in at the tail end of the macOS section of the WWDC Keynote presentation, this should enable those using iMacs and other models with built-in Fusion Drives to get the full benefits of the next major release of macOS. However, no further information was given as to whether High Sierra would also benefit from this feature, and technical detail isn’t expected until a later session in WWDC 2018.

Apple first announced that APFS ran on hard drives, Fusion Drives, and SSDs exactly a year ago, at WWDC 2017. Although all three types of storage were supported by beta-releases of High Sierra, when Apple released 10.13 last September, it removed support for Fusion Drives and hard drives. The latter were added back earlier this year, but Fusion Drives remain unsupported by macOS 10.13.5 running APFS version 748.51.0.

Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t change its mind again this autumn/fall.