Q&A: Broken words in InDesign

Q Using Adobe InDesign CS5, I cannot find a way to stop words being broken at the end of a lines, when setting paragraphs of text. Am I missing something in Preferences, or do I need a plugin?

A Hyphenation and word break settings are not a global control, but should be set in the paragraph style.

indesignhyphenationTo set this, place the cursor in a paragraph which uses the paragraph style which you wish to change, so that it is selected in the list of paragraph styles. Double-click on that style to open the Paragraph Style Options dialog, and select the Hyphenation page in that. You should then be able to adjust hyphenation to make it more acceptable, or turn it off altogether.

A relevant control which is set using the main Preferences dialog is that of Hyphenation Exceptions, which is located in the Dictionary page there.

QuarkXPress 2015 is similar in the way that you set its preferences, for ‘H&J’ (hyphenation and justification): these are part of the paragraph style, whilst the Paragraph entry in the general Preferences dialog allows you to set the method used to determine hyphenation.