DelightEd & Podofyllin

DelightEd – Rich Text (RTF) editor with special Dark Mode features

DelightEd works as a full-featured Rich Text (RTF) editor in Sierra and later, with similar features to TextEdit but without support for graphics or RTFD. In Mojave, though, it can switch to full Dark Mode, and gives control over the whole app’s behaviour and individual windows. Supports regular colours for text and background, URL links, and in Mojave supports textColor markup for text which switches mode properly. Ideal for viewing RTF saved from Consolation 3 and Nalaprop. Has live word and character count. Notarized for Mojave. Opens and saves plain text, HTML and PDF files, as well as RTF. New version 1.3 improves printing and saving to PDF.
DelightEd 1.3 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

DelightEd 2 – Rich Text (RTF) editor with special Dark Mode features and support for interlinear text

Version 2 adds support for creating and working with interlinear text, such as multiple translations of a document. Second beta release, supports 2-4 simultaneous versions which can be saved as Rich Text, PDF, etc., and adds integrity checking on launch and auto-update.
DelightEd 2.0b2 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Podofyllin – lightweight PDF viewer and analysis

Opens PDF files, showing page thumbnails, variable zoom view, and full text contents. Clean and simple, easy navigation, gives extensive access to contents, with rich and plain text copying, and searches. PDFKit-based and cannot change content of PDF file. Update adds integrity checking and auto-update. Notarized for Mojave.
Podofyllin 1.0b17 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave).

Known Issues:

DelightEd – printing support and saving to PDF are greatly improved in the new version 1.3.

Podofyllin – printing support has been fixed and enhanced in the new version 1.0b16.

Support pages:

DelightEd Support
Podofyllin Support

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