Q&A: BSc (Mac)

Q My nephew is a Mac nut and due to go to university next year. He is very keen to take some courses on and about Macs, but does not know where these might be offered. Can you suggest suitable establishments?

A Apple maintains a list of education providers across the whole of Europe that offer various courses and qualifications including Mac-specific elements, and the UK is very well represented.

Many of these inevitably cover the use of Mac Pro applications in media studies of different flavours. If he is particularly keen to deepen his knowledge of the system software, troubleshooting, and the like, then those marked as featuring ‘OS’ courses are recommended. Currently they include Birmingham City, Kingston, Leeds Metropolitan, NTI Leeds, Derby and Northampton. Several also offer iOS training.

Most universities now use Macs in at least some of their departments, so he is very unlikely to end up trapped in Windows-based learning. With Apple’s rising market share and improving profile throughout most sectors, if anything this is likely to improve as he gets closer to applying for admission.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 4, 2011.