Q&A: TextEdit’s Find in selected text, lost

Q In OS X Snow Leopard, it used to be possible to get TextEdit’s Find and Replace to operate in just selected text. This feature seems to have disappeared now, and its old keystroke command, Command-E, simply finds the selected text in the whole document. Can you suggest how I can use the original constrained Find?

A Strangely, this once useful feature in TextEdit has gone missing. Select a word or section of text and press Command-E, and Text Edit will then perform a Find using the selected text, but over the whole document. It now lacks the ability to constrain a search to selected text.

The only way that you can now do this is with a different app. Most real text editors, such as TextWrangler (free) and BBEdit (commercial), offer the facility, but TextEdit seems to be a lost cause now.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 29 issue 4, 2013.