Q&A: iTunes play once and stop

Q For my work, I often temporarily import tracks into iTunes, to play them singly. It is a pain to have to put them into unique playlists, and deselecting all other tracks so that they do not play is worse. Does iTunes have a preference setting to play just one track and stop?

A Sadly not: it is designed for conventional play of sequential music tracks in albums, and to support iOS devices that do much the same. You could use the Repeat One command in the Controls menu to play a single track repeatedly, although you might find that as annoying.

If you just want to play an audio file once, you can do this in the Finder, by selecting the file, and playing its preview in the Finder window. If you want an app to provide better control, you may find it preferable to use another audio player such as Audacity or Amadeus Lite or Pro (App Store).

Comments It should not be difficult to write an AppleScript to script iTunes to do this. The gist of this might run something like
tell application "iTunes"
set this_track to the current track
play this_track
end tell

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 28 issue 05, 2012.