Compatibility of my apps with Mojave: details and advice
Matthew Stickler has kindly started a private tap for Homebrew hosted on Github, which has many of these apps: please visit it here for further details. Many thanks to Matthew for doing this.

Apps for Mojave and High Sierra only

Signet – scans and checks bundle signatures

New! Scans a selected folder looking for apps and other bundles. For each found, checks it signature and reports any problems, including revocation, missing signature, or obsolete signature type. Invaluable for finding gronky old software, apps which have had their certificates revoked, and more. Does Gatekeeper’s job properly. Second (stable) beta, notarized.
Signet 1.0b2 (Mojave and High Sierra only)

Apps for Mojave (not High Sierra or earlier)

Nalaprop – multilingual natural language parsing

Parses multilingual text to mark up its different parts of speech. Documentation include relevant source code. Works brilliantly in Dark Mode. Seventh beta release, notarized, analyses interactively while you are writing, word frequency counts include option to count by stem/root (lemma) of word, extensive find, colour keys.
Nalaprop 1.0b9 (Mojave only)

Apps (for Macs running El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave)

Some are now available using AutoPkg: see this article for details.

LockRattler – a quick check of your security systems

LockRattler checks your Mac’s basic security systems are active, reports version numbers of security configuration files which are active, the latest updates installed, and makes it easy to check for and install updates. Ideal for checking that SIP is enabled, and it has Apple’s latest silent security updates. New version 4.18 improves reporting and highlights recent updates.
LockRattler 4.18 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

SystHist – lists full system and security update installation history

SystHist is a clean and simple app which tells you all the OS X/macOS system and security updates which have been installed on that Mac. Now probes deep into protected territory to find even silent silent updates, and gives details of all the files updated. New version 1.7 works properly with TCC updates and is notarized.
SystHist 1.7 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

32-bitCheck – checks installed apps, code bundles, command tools and more for those which are 32-bit

32-bitCheck is a much better tool for checking which apps and other software are still 32-bit. Check the folders of your choosing, and can check just apps, or all bundles including plugins and other executable code. Generates text reports to help you prepare your Mac for macOS 10.14 later this year. Why waste time and effort using System Information? New version 1.6 is notarized and looks gorgeous in Dark Mode.
32-bitCheck 1.6 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Cirrus – takes control of iCloud, investigates and diagnoses its problems

Cirrus has four main functions. It can download and evict (from local storage) items stored in iCloud so that you can manage them properly. It provides full details about files and folders held in iCloud. It performs a test file upload, which can help unstick pending uploads. It also provides specialised access to iCloud-related log activity. New iCloud Browser gets info straight from iCloud, works with Desktop & Documents Folders option, saves detailed reports, and runs on El Capitan too (except log feature). New version notarized for Mojave.
Cirrus 1.3 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Precize – looks deep into files, bundles and folders to show their full size including extended attributes, provides macOS Bookmarks and volfs paths as enduring file references, and detailed information contained in Bookmarks and Aliases

Updated! Drag and drop items onto Precize and it tells you how much space they really take on disk, including all their extended attributes. It lists all inode data and gives volfs and File Reference URL paths to an item. It also provides macOS Bookmarks, and its integrated Bookmark Resolver locates and previews files from their Bookmarks. New version shows internal data within Bookmarks and Aliases, even those which can’t be resolved.
Precize 1.7 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Revisionist – opens up the full power of the macOS versioning system

Revisionist makes deep copies of documents with all their versions, and carries versions across iCloud Drive and other barriers. It also identifies and lists files with multiple versions, lists versions with details for individual files, previews them using Quick Look, and removes/deletes selected versions from the macOS database. New version is notarized for Mojave, and all-round better security.
Revisionist 1.2 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

xattred – full-featured extended attribute editor, can also add quarantine xattrs

xattred lets you inspect and edit all extended attributes (xattrs) associated with a file or folder, cut/copy/paste any xattr between files or folders, create your own new xattrs with arbitrary contents, and add a quarantine xattr to force a full Gatekeeper check without downloading the file. Now with a crawler which explores types, sizes, and content of xattrs, and supports drag and drop for opening files. Fully compatible with Mojave, including Dark Mode. Adds file compare feature, and now notarized too.
xattred 1.0b10 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Scrub – cleans folders and volumes of potentially leaking sensitive data

Scrub clears extended attributes which can show when a file was downloaded, and where from; old versions; turns off Spotlight indexing; clears the QuickLook cache; can even set all file dates to 1970. These greatly limit the forensic footprint of your most sensitive files. Powerful, so please read the docs carefully before use. Second beta release fixes bug handling individual files, and is now notarized.
Scrub 1.0b2 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Aquiline Check – clear your QuickLook cache to protect your privacy

Aquiline Check lets you empty your QuickLook cache to remove all trace of thumbnails and previews of old documents, such as those from encrypted disks. It can also disable caching, and check that the cache is being managed safely. Second beta release, with Aquiliner menubar companion app now in version 1.0.
Aquiline Check 1.0b2a (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Bailiff – menubar control over whether iCloud documents are kept in local storage

Bailiff is a simple menubar app which lets you evict iCloud files and folders from local storage, or download them when you want. Saves your Mac’s startup disk from getting cluttered with files you don’t want or use. Update looks much better in Dark Mode, and helps you through Mojave’s privacy controls.
Bailiff 1.3 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

DeepTools – three quick and simple tools to preserve versions associated with your documents when copying or moving them

DeepCopy preserves versions when copying/moving within a local volume, or between volumes. DeepArchive and DeepUnarchive ensure complete mobility, keeping versions intact for other Macs on iCloud, when copying to memory sticks, networked storage (NAS), even sending documents by email, and with other operating systems including Linux/Unix and Windows. Now fully compatible with Dark Mode and notarized.
DeepTools 1.2 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

SearchKey – adds metadata to any file to aid Spotlight search

SearchKey adds and edits five extended attributes which can be attached to any file (or folder), including creator, copyright, and keywords. These act as sticky markers, and are preserved in almost all file systems and iCloud Drive. They are indexed by Spotlight, and directly accessible in search criteria. Has single-file and batch modes to make life quick, simple, and search-perfect. New update for full compatibility with Dark Mode and notarized.
SearchKey 1.2 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

SearchKeyLite – lightweight tool to add metadata to documents to aid Spotlight search

SearchKeyLite provides a sleeker interface to similar features to those in SearchKey. This supports file drag-and-drop, can copy and paste all the metadata in single commands, and makes it even simpler to tag files with copyright information, etc. It lacks a batch mode, and cannot work inside bundles such as Photos Library, though. New update for full compatibility with Dark Mode and notarized.
SearchKeyLite 1.2 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

UTIutility – UTI scanning and conversion utility

UTIutility can scan folders to discover and list all the different UTI type designators used, and converts between UTIs, filename extensions, MIME types, and more. Update adds more info about UTIs, works excellently in Dark Mode, and is notarized.
UTIutility 1.0b3 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

alisma – a command tool to create Finder aliases, and to resolve them to full paths

alisma is a small command tool which gives access to Finder aliases from Terminal and shell scripts. It has two options, one which creates a Finder alias to a given file/folder, the other which resolves and existing Finder alias to the full path to the file/folder. Now compatible with Mojave too.
alisma 1.1 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

cmpxat – a command tool to compare all the extended attributes (xattrs) between two files, reporting any differences

New! cmpxat is to extended attributes what cmp is for data in files: it compares them between two files, and reports all differences that it finds.
cmpxat 1 (El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Apps (for Macs running Sierra, High Sierra or Mojave)

Albinoz has revised and repackaged Alex Karahalios’ original shell script and Automator workflow to convert JPEG images to HEIF/HEIC format. They are both available from this article, which explains more fully.

The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) – a quick but thorough check of Time Machine backing up

T2M2 analyses your logs to discover whether Time Machine backups have been running normally, reporting any worrying signs or errors. You do not need to be able to read or understand logs to be able to check for problems now. Reports deep event traversals, compaction of volumes, regularity of backups, and more. Detailed Help book explains results and advises. New version is fully compatible with Mojave and High Sierra, covers local snapshots too, supports Dark Mode, and is notarized.
T2M2 1.4 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Consolation – a log browser for macOS Sierra and High Sierra

Consolation provides an accessible but powerful way to browse, search, and analyse entries in the new log system which have already been captured. This is not supported by Apple’s Console app. If you want to check that Time Machine backups have been made on time and without error, or get to the bottom of startup, extension, or many other problems, Consolation is the only practical tool to use. Version 2.3 improves generation of search predicates, works either with the live system log, or with saved logarchives, and can create logarchives. It also gives full access to logarchives captured from other Macs (running Sierra or High Sierra), iOS devices (10.10 and later), watchOS and tvOS with the unified log. Must be run as an admin user. Includes detailed and up-to-date 8 MB Help book with tutorials and unique reference content.
Consolation 2.4 (Sierra and High Sierra)
Version 3 supports a custom library of predicates, custom display styles including colour, text filtering of the message content using regex or simple filters, and support for exporting and importing custom libraries. Newly added is support for Signposts in High Sierra and Mojave, as well as their additional keys and new log format, and it nows looks gorgeous in Dark Mode. This beta-release is the twelfth candidate for the final release, is now notarized for Mojave, and fixes a minor bug.
Consolation 3.0b17 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave).

Podofyllin – lightweight PDF viewer and access utility

New! Opens PDF files, showing page thumbnails, variable zoom view, and full text contents. Clean and simple, easy navigation, gives extensive access to contents, with rich and plain text copying, and searches. PDFKit-based and cannot change content of PDF file. Eleventh beta includes powerful insights into structure of PDF documents to prevent content leakage. Notarized for Mojave.
Podofyllin 1.0b14 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave).

Alifix – refreshes Aliases and identifies broken Aliases

New! Scans folders deeply to identify and refresh all Finder Aliases, including those made by alisma. Reports all that are broken, and optionally writes adjacent text file with their internal details to help you repair the Alias. Second beta for High Sierra 10.12.2 and later, with much improved refreshing of Aliases. Ideal before and after cloning or copying large folders or volumes, and as periodic housekeeping.
Alifix 1.0b2 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave).

DelightEd – Rich Text (RTF) editor with special Dark Mode features

DelightEd works as a full-featured Rich Text (RTF) editor in Sierra and later, with similar features to TextEdit but without support for graphics or RTFD. In Mojave, though, it can switch to full Dark Mode, and gives control over the whole app’s behaviour and individual windows. Supports regular colours for text and background, URL links, and in Mojave supports textColor markup for text which switches mode properly. Ideal for viewing RTF saved from Consolation 3 and Nalaprop. Has live word and character count. Notarized. Now opens and saves plain text and HTML files, as well as RTF.
DelightEd 1.1 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Taccy – troubleshoot privacy problems

New! Taccy examines an app’s Info.plist file and its code signature to discover its full settings for accessing protected data, particularly in Mojave. Helps you decide whether to add it to Full Disk Access, and debug problems with the privacy system, TCC. Ideal for advanced users, sysadmins, developers, security researchers, and anyone exploring macOS. Fifth public beta, adds log browser to inspect what is happening with TCC and more.
Taccy 1.0b7 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

RouteMap and Whither – performance analysis for apps, scripts, and more

RouteMap is opening the unified log and Mojave’s signposts for the harvesting and analysis of performance information. Whither is a simple app, supplied pre-built and in full sourcecode, which demonstrates how to access Signposts and regular log entries for harvesting and analysis. Version 1 of Whither writes conformant log entries which can already be accessed with Consolation 3 and RouteMap, which is now available in its second beta release, which is notarized for Mojave. These are bundled with Blowhole and tutorial docs in the Signpost Kit.
The Signpost Kit 1.3 (bundle for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)
Whither 1.0 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)
RouteMap 1.0b2 (for Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Woodpile – a new type of log browser, which explores long periods from the top down

Woodpile analyses records in any logarchive for the processes which write to the log most, and shows you for each selected process when they did so. This lets you examine those log files in more detail, to hone in on performance and other problems. A unique approach to the vast amounts of data stored in the new macOS log. Also shows important events like startup, creates frequency charts for custom processes, and links windows to a common time period. New beta release fixes a crashing bug which occurs rarely with certain styles.
Woodpile 1.0b6 (Sierra and High Sierra)

RunConsolation – runs Consolation2 as root to enable log browsing when in normal user mode

RunConsolation is for those who log in as normal, rather than admin, users. It runs Consolation as root – which can be a significant security issue – but thereby enables it to obtain log messages. Caution required, but it does the job.
RunConsolation 1.1 (Sierra and High Sierra)

MakeLogarchive – a utility for creating logarchives readable by Console from ‘live’ logs or raw log folders

This tool, in early development, copies the files and folders from /var/db or a copy of that, and places them in a logarchive format file so that they can be opened by Consolation, Console, or log. It now produces well-formed logarchive bundles, which can be used to browse pooled and individual tracev3 log files. It also catalogues the tracev3 log files in any well-formed log archive, showing start and end times for each. A new feature is statistical analysis of the log load of processes over periods of three months or more, giving new insights into those processes and user activity.
MakeLogarchive 0.5a1 (Sierra and High Sierra)

RunT2M2 – runs T2M2 as root to enable assessment of Time Machine when in normal user mode

RunT2M2 is for those who log in as normal, rather than admin, users. It runs T2M2 as root – which can be a significant security issue – but thereby enables it to obtain and analyse log messages as needed to check Time Machine. Caution required, but it does the job.
RunT2M2 1.0 (Sierra and High Sierra)

KeychainCheck – a quick check of your keychain setup

If you’re suffering problems with your keychains, KeychainCheck provides a basic set of information about them which you can use in diagnosis.
Version 1.3 (Sierra, and High Sierra)

KeychainCheck 2 – thorough diagnostics and tools for your keychain

Completely rewritten, this uses lower-level access to keychains, and will offer sophisticated analysis to perform more thorough diagnosis of keychain problems, and provide tools to fix them. This third alpha release contains more detailed features to work with local and iCloud keychains, in Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave, and works properly in Mojave’s Dark Mode.
KeychainCheck 2.0a4

Dystextia – encodes and decodes Unicode Latin text using unconventional code points

A unique app which lets you explore hidden reaches of Unicode. Converts text so that it can still be read normally by a human, but uses weird character encodings which break search and string comparison operations. Can be used to electronically obfuscate text, for privacy, spoofing, and more. Version 1.2 also has a Maximum mode for total obfuscation. Now notarized for Mojave.
Dystextia 1.5 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

PermissionScanner – searches folders for files which are either not writable or not readable

Performs deep search of folders containing Preferences and other files to alert you to potential problems with their permissions. An alternative to the blunt tool of repairing permissions on your whole Home folder, perhaps. Updated to run better in the background.
PermissionScanner 1.3 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

RepairHomePermissions – repairs the permissions in your Home folder

The only app which will help you repair the permissions in your Home folder, which can fix a variety of different problems, according to Apple. Saves you using Terminal’s command line. First full release, works in background and notarized for Mojave.
RepairHomePermissions 1.1 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

DispatchView – analyses the log for task dispatching issues

DispatchView shows log entries for two key systems DAS and CTS whose failure can result in Time Machine backups becoming irregular or stopping altogether, and may be involved in apps or services stalling or behaving unreliably. It can save you lots of effort using Consolation. Future versions will automatically analyse the health of DAS/CTS too.
DispatchView 1.0 (Sierra and High Sierra)

Rosettavert – converts between different text encodings

Uses the command tool iconv to perform conversions between around 144 different text encodings. Update fully compatible with Mojave and notarized.
Rosettavert 1.2 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Apfelstrudel – check the normalisation of Unicode text, to spot potential problems with file systems other than HFS+

Apfelstrudel details the four Unicode normalisation forms for entered text, including that for the Mac Extended file system, HFS+. Use it to explore potential problems with normalisation, such as working with Linux and Apple’s new APFS file systems, and to explore Unicode representations of text. This update has been notarized for Mojave.
Apfelstrudel 1.2 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

HelpHelp – diagnose and fix problems with Help Books, and open selected ones for search

HelpHelp lists all the currently-available Help Books, and provides detailed paths and signatures for them. It can register an app of your choice, so overriding settings to use a specific Help Book. This helps you diagnose and fix problems. It will also perform a search on any selected Help Book without opening its app. Somewhere between High Sierra 10.13 and 10.13.4, Apple has made major changes to the Help system, and HelpHelp no longer works on 10.13.4. It remains compatible with Sierra 10.12.6, though.
HelpHelp 1.1 (Sierra)

unorml – a command tool to normalise a string to any of the four Unicode forms

unorml converts the string supplied as its argument to any of the four (C, D, KC, KD) Unicode normalised forms, and helps you address normalisation issues, as may arise on Apple’s new file system, APFS. Now compatible with Mojave.
unorml 2.1 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Blowhole – a command tool to write into the log in macOS Sierra and later

Blowhole is a command tool, which can be run in Terminal or called from any app or scripting language with support for calling command tools, which writes out an entry in Sierra’s new log system. Use this to check running of periodic tasks, or from any scripting language which does not have direct access to the new log. Version 8 supports Mojave’s new Signposts, working around bugs, and Pseudo-Signposts in Sierra and High Sierra.
Blowhole 8 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

BasicPDFViewer – complete Xcode 10.1 project and source for a PDF reader and PDF Help book

A complete Xcode 10.1 project written in Swift 4.2 for a PDF reader app, using PDFKit and AppKit. See articles here for a blow-by-blow account of how to make your own. Version 1.0b3 adds Help support using a PDF Help book which can be used for almost any app. Compatible with Sierra and later, and probably El Capitan too. Copyright-free, for free use in any app, including commercial.
BasicPDFViewer 1.0b1
BasicPDFViewer 1.0b3

ScriptBase – a kickstart project for scripting using Swift 4.0 in Xcode 9.2

A complete Xcode 9.2 project written in Swift 4.0 for compatibility with El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra. Use as the start of a new script project, or follow its detailed step-by-step guide to create your own. Includes many useful helper functions for single-window apps. Copyright-free, for free use in any app, including commercial.
ScriptBase 1.0

Dropsy – a project prototype for droplet apps to process files using Swift 4.0 in Xcode 9.2

A complete Xcode 9.2 project for a document-based app written in Swift 4.0 and compatible with El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra. Includes example code which makes a copy of any files or folders dropped onto it, or opened via its menu. Complete with documentation, and for free use in any app, including commercial.
Dropsy 1.0

MacAppScaffold – a quick start Xcode project for scripting

An Xcode 8.3 project for a document-based Mac app written in Swift 3.1. Use as the basis for a new script project, or create a new project and copy across the Storyboard and ViewController.swift files from this. Includes additional helper source code. Described in this article.
Version 1.0 (release)

DispatchRider – an experimental utility to schedule and run background tasks using DAS and CTS dispatching

DispatchRider lets you set command tasks to be run automatically like Time Machine, using Apple’s ‘smart’ energy-efficient systems, rather than at fixed times using launchd.
DispatchRider 0.3b1 (Sierra and High Sierra)

Tinderbox/Storyspace Hypertext documents

Consolidated articles to help you diagnose and manage Mac problems, drawn from this blog (still growing), for Tinderbox, Storyspace and Storyspace Reader: Mac Problems 3

A Swift Scrapbook, of Swift Snippets, Swift 3.1 code for a wide range of common or useful tasks in macOS Sierra. Primarily for Tinderbox 7, although it can also be used in Storyspace: Swift Scrapbook

Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book 1, in parallel Latin and English translation (text only): Metamorphoses Book 1
Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book 1, in parallel Latin and English translation (with 21 paintings): Metamorphoses Book 1 illustrated
Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book 1, in parallel Latin and English translation (with 21 paintings) for Tinderbox 7: Ovid Metamorphoses Book 1 (TB 7)
Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book 1, in parallel Latin and English translation (with 21 paintings) for Tinderbox 7, Storyspace 3.3, and Storyspace Reader 3.3: Ovid Metamorphoses Book 1 (all)

The Salome Story: an examination of dozens of paintings, plays, texts, and even movies which tell the story of Salome, Herodias, Herod, and John the Baptist, to discover when, how, and why it changed: The Salome Story

Telling Elaine from the Lady of Shalott: full text of Tennyson’s three poems, together with thirteen superb paintings, covering these two Arthurian legends, ready to open in Storyspace, Storyspace Reader, or Tinderbox: Elaine of Astolat and The Lady of Shalott.

Tinderbox export to HTML to make a Help Book: a step-by-step guide to creating custom HTML export templates to create the files needed, then building them into a Help Book: Tinderbox 7 document and the folder ready to turn into a Help Book.

LaTeXport: writing LaTeX documents using Tinderbox. A complete set of custom export templates and prototypes for the article document class which can be modified for other types of LaTeX document: LaTeX Paper (version 2).

LaTeXport: writing LaTeX documents using Tinderbox. A complete set of custom export templates and prototypes for the superb tufte-book document class which can be modified for other types of LaTeX document:
LaTeX tufte-book.