What is in the High Sierra 10.13.3 update?

macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 is another substantial update, weighing in at around 2 GB in all, amounting to a total of around 4 GB of installable material.

It brings EFI firmware updates for the following models:

  • iMac17,1 to 0147 B00
  • iMac18,1, iMac18,3 to 0153 B00
  • MacBook10,1 to 0156 B00
  • MacBook9,1 to 0162 B00
  • MacBookPro13,1 to 0215 B00
  • MacBookPro13,2, MacBookPro13,3 to 0238 B00
  • MacBookPro14,1, MacBookPro14,2, MacBookPro14,3 to 0169 B00.

There are also firmware updates for Apple SM0032L SSDs, and some SMC and USB-C hardware.

Among the significant application updates are:

  • App Store
  • Automator, and most if not all actions
  • Calculator
  • Caalendar
  • Contacts
  • Dashboard
  • Dictionary
  • FaceTime
  • iBooks
  • Launchpad
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Photos
  • Reminders
  • Safari, bringing it to 11.0.3
  • Siri
  • System Preferences
  • Time Machine
  • Activity Monitor
  • Boot Camp Assistant
  • Console, but this remains at version 1, and lacks the facility to browse back in the live log
  • Disk Utility
  • System Information
  • Terminal
  • VoiceOver Utility.

Other components updated include: iLifeMediaBrowser, CoreServices System Image Utility, Certificate Assistant, Dock, Finder, Photo Library Migration Utility, most kernel extensions, many frameworks and private frameworks, HEVC video plugins, most tools in /usr/bin, many in /usr/libexec, and many in /usr/sbin.

APFS is updated to version 748.41.3 from 748.31.8 in 10.13.2, with new versions of apfs.util, apfs_invert, apfs_preflight_converter, apfs_stats, fsck_apfs, hfs_convert, mount_apfs, newfs_apfs, and slurpAPFSMeta, together with a new apfs.kext. The latter tools and KEXT appear to be in sync with the updates to APFS in Sierra, in its Security Update 2018-001. [The list of components does NOT include apfs_snapshot: thanks to Jerome for pointing that out in his comment below.]

This update is available from the App Store. Standalone updaters are available from:

  • here for High Sierra 10.13.3 for most models
  • here for High Sierra 10.13.3 for the iMac Pro
  • here for the Combo update for High Sierra 10.13.3