Apple and my dead iMac 27″

You may recall that, a little before Christmas, my mainstay computer, an iMac 27″ Mid 2011 model (iMac12,2) with a Radeon HD 6970M graphics card, suddenly died. Despite all my efforts, and those of my son, we were forced to conclude that its demise was the result of a graphics card failure, almost certainly because of the use of lead-free solder.

I had to replace it quickly, and am still greatly enjoying this iMac 27″ Retina 5K Late 2015 model (iMac 17,1). But I promised my son that, if he could get the old iMac fixed, then he could have it.

We knew that Apple had recognised that there were many Radeon HD 6970M graphics card failures, and had extended warranties on that model to four years. However, as I had bought mine in September 2012, it was well over four years old when it failed. We expected a replacement card to be expensive, but still worthwhile as that iMac remained a wonderful Mac with a superb display.

Yesterday, my son hoicked the huge and heavy box containing said iMac over to the mainland, to the Apple store at West Quay, Southampton, for an appointment at the Genius Bar at one o’clock. It was a pretty filthy day for weather: the wind had been blowing a steady Force 8 gusting to Force 9 for many hours, and rain was in the offing. It was not a great time to be trundling around 15 kg on a sack truck, up from Southampton Port to the stores. But it proved well worth it.

Apple’s resident genius confirmed that it was a graphics card failure, and without even stopping to mention that it was over four years old, immediately offered to repair it free of charge.

As it happened, had we had to pay for it, the cost would have been a little under £400, which would still have been a good investment.

Once again, Apple lived up to its reputation of providing excellent service. Thank you Apple, and particularly to the staff at the Apple store West Quay. You can quibble about what Apple does in all sorts of minor matters, but it continues to place customer service and satisfaction at the top of its priorities.

Needless to say, my son is delighted that in a week or so’s time, he will be the proud owner of a still gorgeous iMac 27″.