Text Utilities: Nalaprop, Dystextia and others

Nalaprop – multilingual natural language parsing

Parses multilingual text to mark up its different parts of speech. Documentation include relevant source code. Works brilliantly in Dark Mode. Eighth beta release, notarized, analyses interactively while you are writing, word frequency counts include option to count by stem/root (lemma) of word, extensive find, colour keys. Extensive Help book, checks code integrity, auto-updates.
Nalaprop 1.0b10 (Mojave and Catalina)

Dystextia – encodes and decodes Unicode Latin text using unconventional code points

A unique app which lets you explore hidden reaches of Unicode. Converts text so that it can still be read normally by a human, but uses weird character encodings which break search and string comparison operations. Can be used to electronically obfuscate text, for privacy, spoofing, and more. Version 1.6 has Help, checks its own code integrity, and auto-updates.
Dystextia 1.6 (Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina)

Apfelstrudel – check the normalisation of Unicode text, to spot potential problems with file systems other than HFS+

Apfelstrudel details the four Unicode normalisation forms for entered text, including that for the Mac Extended file system, HFS+. Use it to explore potential problems with normalisation, such as working with Linux and Apple’s new APFS file systems, and to explore Unicode representations of text. This update has code integrity checking and auto-update.
Apfelstrudel 1.3 (Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina)

Rosettavert – converts between different text encodings

Uses the command tool iconv to perform conversions between around 144 different text encodings. Greatly improved, with extensive help and better encoding selection, and fixes window resizing bug.
Rosettavert 1.4 (Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina)

unorml – a command tool to normalise a string to any of the four Unicode forms

unorml converts the string supplied as its argument to any of the four (C, D, KC, KD) Unicode normalised forms, and helps you address normalisation issues, as may arise on Apple’s new file system, APFS. Now signed, hardened, notarized, and compatible with Catalina.
unorml 3 (Sierra to Catalina)

Known Issues:

Nalaprop is unlikely to print correctly when in Dark Mode. I will fix this in a future version.

Rosettavert 1.3 has a severe bug in window resizing: my apologies for this. It’s now fixed in version 1.4.

Support pages:

Nalaprop Support
Text Utilities Support


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