Apple has released Mojave 10.14.2, security updates for High Sierra and Sierra, and a Gatekeeper update

Apple has just pushed an update to Gatekeeper’s security data, bringing it to version 157, macOS Mojave 10.14.2 update, and security updates for both High Sierra and Sierra.

Information about their security content is here. Although the list of fixes is relatively short, it includes five kernel vulnerabilities, of which three apply to High Sierra, and two to Sierra.

Among the new features in 10.14.2 are support for RTT (real-time text) Wi-Fi calling, a new menu item in News to open stories in Safari, fixes to bugs playing media from iTunes to third-party speakers, and problems with MacBook Pro 2018 models using external displays when some USB graphics devices are also connected. Apple’s short release notes are here. However, the 10.14.2 update is 2.78 GB in size, and more than 5 GB when installed.

The Mojave update (at least) includes EFI firmware updates for a few models. In particular, there are EFI firmware and iBridge (T2) updates for some Macs with T2 chips. I will update my list of EFI firmware versions as soon as I have extracted all the details.

Several of the existing bugs in 10.14.1 – including Safari’s problem with loading local Home pages – have not been addressed.

⚠️ Applying the main update does not automatically install the Gatekeeper security update. Once the main update has completed, you can use LockRattler to install that.

⚠️ When your Mac ‘starts up’ after the update, Apple has once again inserted a splash dialog which tries to get you to put your Desktop & Documents folders in iCloud. Unless you really do want to do that, be very careful when handling that dialog. Uncheck the option, and do not press any other keys, or you may inadvertently find macOS dragging your Desktop and Documents folders away into the ether.

If that does happen, open the iCloud pane quickly and reset that option in the iCloud Drive item at the top. You may then need to move folders back out of iCloud to where they should be to restore order.

If you don’t see that dialog, please don’t complain, just be very grateful.

Standalone installers are now available for Mojave 10.14.2 delta update, Mojave 10.14.2 Combo update, Security Update 2018-003 for High Sierra, and Security Update 2018-006 for Sierra.

Full details of the Gatekeeper update are in a separate article here.

(Updated 2230 UTC 5 December 2018.)