LockRattler 4.10 is a recommended update for all users

This new version of LockRattler is recommended for all users, as it adds a new test to check if the firmware password has been enabled. It has also been notarized again, for your improved protection. The layout of its app window has been improved, as has the content of its text reports.


For those already using Mojave betas, and anyone intending to upgrade to Mojave when it is released, it has two additional improvements. Its Help book, documentation, and new Privacy settings command in the Help menu explain that it doesn’t require any adjustments to Mojave’s privacy settings to work fully. When running on a Mojave beta or release version, its Check blog button now links to a new dedicated page for Mojave systems.

It should still run fine on all versions of macOS from El Capitan to Mojave.

LockRattler version 4.10 is now available from here: lockrattler4p10
and from Downloads above.