Q&A: Hot link to wrong mail client

Q When I worked for my previous employer, all email was handled in Microsoft Entourage. Now I have left that job, I have switched to Gmail, with which I am very happy. However whenever I click on a hot link, Entourage still starts up. Why is this, and how can I change it without deleting Entourage?

A This is most probably occurring because OS X thinks that your default mail client is still Entourage. Whenever you do anything that calls for mail functions, the default mail client will then be started up: for you, that remains Entourage until you change the setting.

You can correct this in most mail clients such as Apple’s bundled Mail application. Open that application’s preferences, and click on the General tool. At the top you will see the Default email reader item, which you should set to your new mail client instead of Entourage.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 21, 2011.