Apple has released (late) macOS 10.14.4 update, and security updates for Sierra and High Sierra

Apple has just, over four hours later than usual, released the update to macOS Mojave 10.14.4. With it, separately, comes a security update to bring Gatekeeper’s data to version 164: that should be applied after installing the main update.

For those using Sierra and High Sierra, there is Security Update 2019-002 instead.

At last, Apple has provided extensive release notes, as well as detailed notes on the security fixes which this brings. The whole update amounts to some 2.8 GB, so is once again substantial. Although those release notes don’t mention it, I believe that these updates bring an EFI firmware update for all Macs too, and have updated the list of versions given here accordingly.

This iMac Pro is probably typical of models with a T2 chip, and its EFI firmware version has advanced to 220.250.366.0.0, iBridge 16.16.4507.0.0.

Among the more significant changes Apple details are:

  • the new Apple News+ subscription service detailed in today’s Apple Event;
  • Safari 12.1 adds Dark Mode support for websites which offer specific support for it;
  • Safari warns when insecure pages are loaded;
  • Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention replaces the Do Not Track standard to protect against cross-site tracking;
  • iTunes shows more editorial highlights, and support for Second Generation Airpods is added;
  • Air Quality Index maps are added to Maps for some countries;
  • Messages has improved quality audio recording;
  • Activity Monitor has better support for eGPUs;
  • MacBook Air 2018 has corrected default display brightness;
  • Wi-Fi connection issues are fixed.

The full release notes are here, and are well worth reading in full: thank you, Apple!

Security fixes include: fix a bypass of Gatekeeper checks, further fix to address vulnerability in FaceTime, six bugs in the kernel, multiple issues in Perl, ability to gain elevated privileges, and a bug in Siri which could initiate a Dictation request. There’s no mention of any fixes to vulnerabilities in privacy protection, though. A full list for 10.14.4 and both Security Updates is here.

Included with the Mojave update is an update to TCC, bringing its data to version 16.0.

The standalone installer (delta) for 10.14.4 is here. The Combo updater for 10.14.4 is here. Sierra Security Update 2019-002 is here. High Sierra Security Update 2019-002 is here.

(Updated 0845 UTC 26 March 2019 with EFI firmware info, and corrected link for High Sierra update.)