Consolation 3: log browser of choice for macOS 10.12-10.14

I am delighted to announce a new beta-release of my free unified log browser, Consolation, which improves support for all versions of macOS from Sierra to Mojave.

Changes for users of Sierra and High Sierra include:

  • OS-dependent behaviours with respect to log fields/keys. Versions of the log command included in different versions of macOS can ‘see’ different fields/keys in the logs they are analysing, whether the live system log or a logarchive. Consolation now matches the capabilities of the version of log available on the system on which it is running. This doesn’t alter the fields which it can extract, but is more computationally efficient.
  • The order of fields has been adjusted slightly, to accommodate all versions of the unified log.
  • A new window is available through the Help menu, displaying all the available fields/keys in the version of macOS on which the app is running. This helps you make custom styles appropriate to that version.

For those using Consolation in Mojave, this release brings full support for its new features. Dark Mode is supported with one minor exception: using the syslog, default or JSON output styles still displays in black text on a dark grey background. This is because of an issue outside Consolation, which I expect to be fixed. Applying a custom style does now make full use of Dark Mode, and looks gorgeous. The new Fields Help window lists all fields available in Mojave with only one exception: that listing is only available when running in Mojave, though.

If you’re running Sierra or High Sierra, this update should be well worthwhile; if you’re beta-testing Mojave, it is essential.

There is one slightly odd behaviour in Consolation which I am trying to pin down. The first log window which you open is slower to refresh changes in custom styles, etc., and may on large log extracts briefly display the spinning beachball. Second and subsequent log windows are noticeably quicker at performing such refreshes. I am trying to discover why this is the case: it is compiler-dependent in that this version, built with the latest beta of Xcode 10, is less affected than the same code compiled with Xcode 9.4.

This new release of Consolation is available from here: consolation3b15
and in Downloads above.