Mojave bug: Software Update progress is confusing

During the recent macOS Mojave 10.14.3 update, progress shown in Software Update was misleading and only served to confuse the user. This may have existed in previous Mojave updates, but it was obvious with 10.14.3.


During downloading of the update, it appeared that the progress bar had been shifted to the left, relative to the stated time to download the new update. As seen above, with just 7 seconds to go, the progress bar was only just over 80% complete.


Once the download had apparently completed, the progress bar slowly progressed to completion. But the text above it still referred to downloading, and didn’t, for example, change to report that the update was being prepared. Furthermore, there was no estimate of the time to completion, although significant additional time was taken at this stage.

This leaves the user in limbo, wondering what is going on. Furthermore, once the progress bar completed, the window returned to the same state as before the download had been started, reporting that the update was available. Only when the button to “Download and install” the update was clicked again did updating start in earnest.

This is confusing and needs to be cleaned up, to inform the user accurately as to what is going on.