Q&A: Unhiding your Home Library folder

Q I recall reading somewhere that there is a Terminal command that I can use to ensure that the Library in my Home folder is permanently unhidden in the Finder. Can you please remind me?

A If you are happy to use Terminal, simply type the following:
chflags nohidden ~/Library/
and press the Return key. You should not need to restart the Finder to reveal the folder. If you recant and decide that you want to hide it again, use
chflags hidden ~/Library/

This is not the only way to do this, of course, as most multifunction and customisation tools will also accomplish the same thing without running the risk of getting a shell command wrong.

It is similarly easy to access the ~/Library folder when you need to, but to leave it hidden: in the front Finder window, select your Home folder so that its contents are shown in the window, then open the Go to Folder command in the Go menu, and type in “Library”. Note that if the front Finder window is open at a different location, you will need to enter “~/Library” instead, so that you pass the correct path.

You can also just hold down the Option (Alt) key while selecting the Go menu in Finder, and Library will magically appear in that menu.

In fact there are so many different ways of unhiding that folder that it makes you wonder if it is worth hiding in the first place.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 24, 2011.