Keychains & Permissions

KeychainCheck – a quick check of your keychain setup
If you’re suffering problems with your keychains, KeychainCheck provides a basic set of information about them which you can use in diagnosis.
Version 1.3 (Sierra, and High Sierra)

KeychainCheck 2 – thorough diagnostics and tools for your keychain
Completely rewritten, this uses lower-level access to keychains, and will offer sophisticated analysis to perform more thorough diagnosis of keychain problems, and provide tools to fix them. This third alpha release contains more detailed features to work with local and iCloud keychains, in Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave, and works properly in Mojave’s Dark Mode.
KeychainCheck 2.0a4

PermissionScanner – searches folders for files which are either not writable or not readable
Performs deep search of folders containing Preferences and other files to alert you to potential problems with their permissions. An alternative to the blunt tool of repairing permissions on your whole Home folder, perhaps. Updated with integrity checking, auto-update, text sizing, Help book and more.
PermissionScanner 1.4 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

RepairHomePermissions – repairs the permissions in your Home folder
The only app which will help you repair the permissions in your Home folder, which can fix a variety of different problems, according to Apple. Saves you using Terminal’s command line. Updated with integrity checking and more.
RepairHomePermissions 1.2 (Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave)

Known Issues:

PermissionScanner and Full Disk Access

Support pages:

Keychain Utility Support – coming soon
Permission Repair Support – coming soon


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