Q&A: Stuck App Store installation

Q Having installed an app from the App Store, it was faulty, and advised me to uninstall and download it again. I tried that, but the Store still lists it as being installed. How can I download it again?

A Once you have removed a purchased app, it should then be listed in your Purchases page as being available to install. If not, ensure that you have removed it completely, then restart your Mac. When you open App Store it should now be available to install, if you have logged into the Store using your regular user name and password.

Occasionally, installs and updates seem to become stuck for a while. Usually this problem fixes itself after a day or two. If this still does not work, contact Store support, so that they can reset it for you.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 28 issue 13, 2012.