Q&A: Google Earth in every Finder window

Q All of a sudden, the Google Earth icon has appeared in every Finder window, in its toolbar. How did this happen, how can I remove it, and can I do this with other icons?

A Chances are that this occurred when you installed or updated Google Earth, or perhaps inadvertently when trying to copy that application.

If you want to remove this icon, you need to put the window into edit mode by selecting the Customize Toolbar… command from Finder’s View menu. You can then simply drag it out.

You can also customise your Finder windows with other icons – apps, documents, or folders. To start this, put the window into edit mode again, with the Customize Toolbar… command from the View menu. You can drag and drop an icon from another Finder window into place in the window toolbar. Clicking on such icons is then equivalent to the Finder Open command.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 6, 2011.