Q&A: Malmigration

Q After using Migration Assistant to transfer files from one Mac to another, I ended up with too many accounts, and the iTunes Music folder did not go across. If I manually transfer that, will iTunes pick it up properly, and how can I fold in items transferred to the surplus accounts?

A Migration problems like these become more common when moving across large gaps in version of Mac OS X, or between Macs with quite different account configurations.

Using File Sharing, you should be able to manually copy the iTunes Library folder and files to their new and correct location. Once you have done that, start iTunes and see if it picks up the library and playlists properly. If it does not, you can point its preference settings at the moved library.

Comments Be wary about deleting the first admin user account on any Mac, as it tends to carry useful functions with it, that can become confused if the account is removed. Before removing any accounts, move their key files to the Shared folder, so that you can access them from, and move them to, any other account on the Mac.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 12, 2011.