Apple is nudging us to upgrade to flagging High Sierra

The number of users upgrading to High Sierra seems to have fallen below Apple’s expectations, and it has now embarked on a campaign to try to nudge users to install the upgrade.


The first step is a banner advertisement for the High Sierra upgrade in the App Store’s Updates page, which arrived a couple of days ago. I don’t recall Apple ever promoting its products there in the past.


A more silent arrival yesterday was a pushed ‘update’, listed in Installations as macOS Installer Notification, which installed a bundle named OSXNotification.bundle in /Library/Bundles, a newly-created folder for this purpose. This looks set to appear in our notifications each week until we finally succumb and upgrade.

No one seems to have realised that slow uptake in upgrading is the result of High Sierra’s incompleteness, botched launch, and lack of major new features in its present form. Apple would surely be better investing its money and labour in completing High Sierra with full support for APFS on Fusion Drives and rotating hard disks, and better support for writing as well as reading its new image and video formats.

When you can’t give your product away and resort to using a security update mechanism to try persuading users, isn’t it time to ask how to improve that product?