A Spring Clean on Mac Contents Pages

It’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and time to do some cleaning.

Over the last couple of years, this blog has accumulated a lot of articles about Macs, and related topics. I have kept a listing, broken down by topics, in the Mac Problems page, accessed in the menu above. With over a thousand articles, that list has become too large for anyone to use effectively. So my aim is to reorganise that, thereby making it much more accessible and useful.

Rather than having one huge list of links to every Mac article posted here, it now concentrates on the most topical, covering the current version of macOS, Sierra, and the previous one, El Capitan. Older articles covering Yosmite and other releases are still here, but are now indexed in a separate list.

I hope that these will prove more useful to you, and save you having to search for what you want.