Q&A: Portrait problems in iBooks Author

Q I created a children’s story using Apple’s iBooks Author. It looks great in landscape, but does not display in portrait orientation. Have I got it wrong, and how can I include black-and-white versions of pictures to be printed out for colouring in?

A Changing orientation has proved to be one of iBooks Author’s more difficult issues.

Originally, this app tried to allow most books to be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation, but in many cases one worked much better than the other. It therefore let you lock a book in landscape in its Inspector. Most recently Apple has provided three types of template: those locked in landscape, those in portrait, and ePub templates which are intended for books which are almost entirely text and can therefore work well in either orientation.

The only choice which you now get when inspecting Document options is whether to disable the scrolling view in landscape format.

Given that your book is illustrated and looks good in landscape, your best course is to stick with landscape orientation, and to disable the scrolling view.

Unfortunately iBooks does not allow the reader to print any content from ePub books, such as those created in iBooks Author. To be able to print pages you would need to use a different authoring system, such as PDF.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 29 issue 4, 2013.