DivX now brings its own adware

Just recently, I have been irritated to discover that whenever my iMac restarts, I am invited to join ZipCloud.

adwarefromwhere1Never having knowingly downloaded any app by that name, or indeed had anything to do with said ZipCloud, I was puzzled. Obviously I must have installed it recently, but how, when and why?

The answer is that a few days ago I accepted DivX’s kind offer to update itself. I admit to having a soft spot for DivX, which long ago seemed to be able to produce high quality high resolution video in pretty compact files. But like many of these proprietary standards, all seemed to go quiet for a long time. Then in the last few months it seems to have been revitalised, although I haven’t run into any DivX movies for years.

Somewhere buried in the consent buttons for that DivX update, I seem to have agreed to accept this piece of annoying, if harmless, adware.

Sorry, DivX, you have broken my trust in you by doing that. You tricked me into downloading and installing an app which I did not want. It could have been much worse – but I will not let you get that chance.

I have now removed DivX and the odious little ZipCloud from my iMac, and will not be (knowingly) replacing them.