Which apps for Mojave?

In a few hours, the first release version of macOS 10.14 Mojave will be downloading to a great many Macs around the world. This article suggests some of the free tools available here which you might find useful, even fun.

Exploring Mojave’s new features


Nalaprop demonstrates Mojave’s multilingual natural language parsing features by analysing text to mark up its different parts of speech (noun, verb, etc.). Its documentation includes the relevant source code, to help others get started using this new ability, and test file with 20 languages. Reads both plain text and RTF files, supports printing, has a helpful colour key window, and shows word frequencies by lexical class. It works brilliantly in Dark Mode, and is notarized. If you’re interested in language, or learning a second or subsequent language, Nalaprop is not just fun, but a valuable tool.
Nalaprop 1.0b5


Taccy examines an app’s Info.plist file and its code signature to discover its full settings for accessing protected data, particularly in Mojave. This can help you decide whether to add it to Full Disk Access, and debug problems with the privacy system, TCC. When running on Mojave, it will also inform you of which apps have been notarized. It’s ideal for advanced users, sysadmins, developers, security researchers, and anyone exploring macOS. This third public beta is full-featured, and has drag-and-drop ease.
Taccy 1.0b5

Understanding Mojave


SystHist is a clean and simple app to tell you all the macOS system and security updates which have been installed on that Mac. It probes deep into protected territory to find even silent updates, and gives details of all the files updated. An essential tool for all users.
SystHist 1.4


32-bitCheck is the best and most comprehensive tool for checking which apps and other software are still 32-bit. This checks the folders of your choosing, and can check just apps, all bundles including plugins and other executable code including command tools. Why waste time and effort using System Information? It is also notarized.
32-bitCheck 1.6


Precize looks deep into files, bundles and folders to show how much space they really take on disk, including all their extended attributes. It lists all inode data and gives volfs and File Reference URL paths to an item. It also provides macOS Bookmarks, and its integrated Bookmark Resolver locates and previews files from their Bookmarks. Works well in Dark Mode, and is notarized.
Precize 1.4


xattred is a full-featured extended attribute editor, which lets you inspect and edit all extended attributes (xattrs) associated with a file or folder, cut/copy/paste any xattr between files or folders, create your own new xattrs with arbitrary contents, and add a quarantine xattr to force a full Gatekeeper check without downloading the file. Includes a crawler to explore types, sizes, and content of xattrs, and supports drag and drop for opening files. Fully compatible with Mojave, including Dark Mode, and it’s notarized too.
xattred 1.0b9



LockRattler checks your Mac’s basic security systems are active, reports version numbers of security configuration files which are active, the latest updates installed, and makes it easy to check for and install updates. Ideal for checking that SIP is enabled, and that your Mac has Apple’s latest silent security updates. This is notarized, and has a dedicated Mojave support page giving the latest version information for macOS 10.14. An essential tool for all users.
LockRattler 4.11



Bailiff is a simple menubar app which lets you evict iCloud files and folders from local storage, or download them when you want. Saves your Mac’s startup disk from getting cluttered with files you don’t want or use.
Bailiff 1.2



Cirrus has four main functions. It can download and evict (from local storage) items stored in iCloud so that you can manage them properly. It provides full details about files and folders held in iCloud. It performs a test file upload, which can help unstick pending uploads. It also provides specialised access to iCloud-related log activity. Its iCloud Browser gets info straight from iCloud, works with Desktop & Documents Folders option, and saves detailed reports. The log browser is particularly effective in Dark Mode.
Cirrus 1.1

Logs and performance



Consolation 3 is the most capable log browser for Mojave, supporting custom libraries of predicates, display styles including colour, text filtering of the message content using regex or simple filters. It is the only full-featured log browser which can examine previous log entries without having to make a full logarchive. This has specific support for Signposts in High Sierra and Mojave, supports Mojave’s new log format, and details its extended list of fields. It also looks gorgeous in Dark Mode.
Consolation 3.0b16.


RouteMap and other tools in the Signpost Kit open the unified log and Mojave’s Signposts for the harvesting and analysis of performance information. Whither is a simple app, supplied pre-built and in full sourcecode, to demonstrate how to use Signposts and regular log entries for harvesting and analysis. It writes conformant log entries which can already be accessed with Consolation 3 and RouteMap. Included is the command tool Blowhole, which gives scripting languages and other tools full access to writing regular log entries and Signposts, and tutorial docs.
The Signpost Kit 1.2


Most of my other free tools are fully compatible with Mojave, and work well in Dark Mode. They’re listed in full in Downloads above.