Safari 12.0 can’t open a local Home page

It’s not a big deal, but a daily irritant: the Mojave variant of Safari 12.0 (14606. is unable to open a local Home page when it first opens. This is not the case for the Sierra variant of Safari 12.0.

For many years, my browser Home page has been a local HTML file, which I keep at the top level of my Home folder. When I upgraded to Mojave 10.14 and fired up Safari for the first time, it threw an error. I thought that something might have gone wrong with that file, although it could be opened in Safari perfectly well, and in any case wanted a blank black Home page instead.

Now, when I open Safari the following message appears:


followed by another error page reporting that the error page couldn’t be found:


Once I have loaded another page in Sierra, and I go back to my Home page, those errors vanish, and it then loads as expected. Other than pointing Safari at the file for my new Home page, I have made no other relevant changes in its settings.

I reckon that this is a bug. Do you agree?