Q&A: Files opened in the wrong app

Q I used Adobe CS3 since its release, and became familiar and happy to use it for graphic design work. When I bought a new iMac, I upgraded, but it now wastes my time. If I double-click an EPS file in the Finder, it is always opened in Photoshop. When I use the Links panel to amend an EPS file through InDesign, the file is again opened in Photoshop. Why?

A This is, in part if not in whole, a problem with the Finder’s database which associates different file types with the applications to open them.

First ensure that all your EPS files have the same file extension of .eps, so that the Finder will recognise them as being of the same type. Select one in the Finder, and open the Get Info dialog using that command in the File menu. Ensure that the correct application, in your case Illustrator, is selected there. If you have changed that from the default, you will then be able to click the Change All… button to apply this to all EPS files.

Sometimes the database gets messed up, and Default Apps (free) can then sort it out.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 27 issue 14, 2011.