Q&A: Cable clutter

Q Over the years I have acquired a large box full of obsolete cables and connectors, mostly SCSI but including unidentifiable specimens. Do you know of a deserving place that I could send them, or should I turn them into an abstract sculpture?

A Some computer charities used to welcome certain cables, but they are now very selective about what they can use, and generally only accept power and display cables when part of a working system.

Send the remainder to an electrical recycling point, or take them into your local PC World or Currys, so that all the precious metals can be recovered from them. Recalling the cost of those SCSI cables, yours could be quite a goldmine.

If you do use them in a sculpture, please keep it sheltered from the elements, lest toxic compounds leach out in the rain and enter the sewage system.

Updated from the original, which was first published in MacUser volume 28 issue 25, 2012.