studentd and its self-signed certificate are permanent fixtures in Mojave

Making my rounds of macOS 10.14.6, as its dust is subsiding, I noticed that, as suspected, studentd and its self-signed certificate are back, as detailed previously following the 10.14.4 update.

Back in that article, posted on the morning of 1 April but no April Fool, I speculated whether these had appeared in 10.14.4 by accident. It’s now clear that studentd is intended to be running on every Mac with Mojave. Since then I have seen studentd writing the occasional entry in the log following the launching of an app, even though this Mac has never had anything to do with Apple’s Classroom. Now the sub-system is also active in the log, reporting that it is “stopping Bluetooth browsing” and “scanning all zones”.

Maybe Apple is offloading non-Classroom tasks into studentd, or just enjoys system bloat.