M1 Macs

A collation of articles about M1 Macs.


How big should the memory and SSD be in your next M1 Mac?
Essential reading for M1 Mac users
Introducing your new M1 Mac
Next phase of the Apple Silicon transition
So Santa brought you an M1 Mac: here’s what you should know
What could go wrong with apps on Big Sur and Apple Silicon?
How abysmal SMB performance can choke networked backups


Apple has released Big Sur 11.2.3
Users are losing out against Big Sur’s sealed System
Big Sur 11.2.2 still doesn’t fix bugs with M1 external bootable disks
Big Sur 11.2.1 update is broken
Big Sur, Software Update, Content Caching Server and M1 Macs
What’s changed in Big Sur 11.2?

Recovery and startup modes

Startup modes for M1 Macs
A Guide to Startup Modes for Intel and M1 Macs
1 True Recovery
M1 Macs have another hidden boot mode
Why your M1 may not have Fallback Recovery yet
More M1 mysteries: Boot Recovery Assistant
Updating external disks and 1 True Recovery on an M1 Mac
System management and NVRAM on M1 Macs
M1 Macs radically change boot and recovery
What happens when an M1 Mac starts up?
How fast is an M1 Target Disk?

Security and firmware

How to roll your M1 Mac back to Big Sur 11.1
Which firmware should your Mac be using? (version 5) – for Big Sur
Why is my Mac’s Gatekeeper data so out of date?
SilentKnight 1.15 and LockRattler 4.30 do more on Big Sur and M1 Macs
Code-signing requirements for scripts and apps in Big Sur
Apple Silicon Macs will require signed code
Big Sur’s Signed System Volume: added security protection

External boot disks

Are external boot disks a thing of the past?
Updating external disks and 1 True Recovery on an M1 Mac
Big Sur 11.2.1 update is broken – more info about getting an external boot disk to work
External boot disks still don’t work properly with M1 Macs
Booting an M1 Mac from an external disk: it is possible
Is it not possible to boot an M1 Mac from an external disk?

Rosetta, Universal Apps

Running Intel code on your M1 Mac: Rosetta 2 and OAH
When you don’t have permission to run an app on an M1 Mac
How Rosetta complicates call chains on M1 Macs
Rosetta 2 won’t let the undead die
The non-Universal binary: a cautionary tale
Coming NeXT on Apple Silicon
Magic, lipo and testing for Universal binaries
How to tell Intel code from Universal
Tuning Apple Silicon will be complex at first

Disk maintenance and layout

Checking disks on an M1 Mac
Big Sur boot volume layout

SSD performance

Running custom storage benchmarks using Stibium
Back to measuring the performance of M1 Mac internal storage
It looks like the M1 SSD is faster than those in Intel Macs, but…
Internal SSDs can read files at extreme speed
How fast is the SSD inside an M1 Mac?


Tackling extension problems in Big Sur
Extensions, Big Sur and M1 Macs


Big Sur 11.1: bug in log show command affecting Ulbow and Consolation
Inside M1 Macs: Time and logs

Time Machine

Should you back up to APFS or HFS+?
Time Machine to APFS: Evolution
Time Machine to APFS: Understanding backups
Time Machine to APFS: Backing up
Time Machine to APFS: How processes have changed
Time Machine to APFS: Backup structure and access
Time Machine to APFS: Maintenance and repair
Time Machine to APFS: Changing disks
Time Machine to APFS: How efficient are backups?
Time Machine to APFS: First full backup
Getting started with Time Machine to APFS in Big Sur
Time Machine to APFS: Using a network share
T2M2 version 1.15 analyses APFS backups in Big Sur and is a Universal App
APFS changes in Big Sur: how Time Machine backs up to APFS, and more

Time differences

Inside M1 Macs: Time and logs
Times forgotten
Mints now tells you the (Mach absolute) time
Changing the clock in Apple Silicon Macs

Design and performance

There’s more to the M1 than speed
How unified memory blows the SoCs off the M1 Macs
How Big Sur checks Universal Apps

Teething troubles

Upgrading to Big Sur 11.0.1: news from the surgery
Will Big Sur support the cloning of System volumes?