Apple has just released macOS Monterey 12.5.1 update

Apple has just released a security update to macOS Monterey, bringing it to version 12.5.1. This fixes two serious security vulnerabilities, one in the kernel and one in WebKit, which Apple is aware may have been actively exploited. Details are here. This makes it an important and urgent update for all using Monterey.

On Intel Macs, the download should be around 2.2 GB, and 2.1 GB for Apple silicon Macs.

This brings a small update to the iBridge firmware in Intel Macs with T2 chips, which go from 19.16.16064.0.0,0 to 19.16.16066.0.0,0. There is no update to iBoot for Apple silicon Macs, though.

Other than expected minor increments in build numbers for parts of WebKit, the only visible change is that Safari is updated from 15.6 (17613. to 15.6.1 (17613.

Time to patch!

Updated 1930 GMT 17 August 2022 with info on Safari version change.